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Teen Wolf – Recap & Review – Parasomnia

photo: mtv
photo: mtv

Teen Wolf

Original Air Date: June 30, 2015

Alamin – TwoCents Reviewer

The latest episode of Teen Wolf was less about the action and more about the mystery. Lydia takes on the case of  a girl whose problem could be an issue down the line while Stiles has decided to make Theo the center of his latest investigation…even if no one else believes him.

Dr. Scott McCall

Scott starts off the episode doing the vet-in-training thing with Deaton, who is analyzing the talon of the werewolf from the season premiere. The talon comes from another animal, so Deaton is beginning to think the supernatural rules are changing or someone is making them change. The alarming part comes when Deaton says Liam, as his Beta, should be the only person able to drain Scott’s power and Scott asks if a Beta who joins his pack, looking at you Theo, could do the same.

In better news, we learn what Scott’s plans are after graduation. It begins when Lydia and Kira are shocked to see their Alpha sitting in AP Biology with them. His textbook is covered in highlighter and Scott seems determined to get into his top choice for college: UC Davis. It isn’t until he’s back at his house with Kira that she puts it together. Scott intends to become a veterinarian. A vet who fights the supernatural…so he literally wants to becomes Deaton.

Stiles’ One Man Mission

Stiles has give himself the mission of solving the mystery that is Theo. The problem is no one else is too concerned with the returning werewolf. After eventually convincing his dad to do a background check all Stiles finds is Theo’s one speeding ticket. He grabs Scott to question Theo and they learn how he became a werewolf, Aiden and Ethan’s Alpha bit him, as their old friend tries to convince them he’s trustworthy. Scott is convinced, but when Stiles finds Theo’s transfer paperwork, he’s shares his “clue” with the class. Theo’s dad signed both his tickey and the transfer document, but the signatures don’t match. Still no one is seeing any reason to doubt Theo.

Stiles is still not buying Theo’s story and he takes it a touch too far. He brings Liam along to follow Theo. They track him to a bridge in the forest and Stiles is excited to catch him until he realizes Theo is just paying his respects to his dead sister. Before they can escape, Theo catches them and asks about Stiles’ lack of trust. Stiles shares the signature theory, which Theo ignores, and they go their separate ways. Wearing his embarrassment Stiles heads back to his Jeep where Scott is waiting for an update. Scott presses Stiles about his trust issues, but when he screams that his problem is Scott trusts everyone.

In the end we learn Stiles is definitely onto something. Theo goes home where two terrified adults await him, who are definitely not his parents. He chastises his fake father about getting the signature wrong and decides an injury could account for that. Theo decides to crush his hand with a hammer. Good thing Stiles has not stopped investigating.

Two Guys, A Girl & Lots of Secrets

Liam finds himself with girl troubles and best friend issues this week. The young werewolf is forced to sit next to a girl who is not very fond of him while dealing with Mason’s questions about the supernatural. Her reign of vengeance begins with putting gum on Liam’s chair, but the bigger issue is how close Mason is to the truth and the damage these secrets are doing to their friendship.

While out in the wood with Stiles we learn that The Pack has given Liam permission to fill Mason in on all things supernatural. The young Beta hasn’t told his friend out of fear of his reaction, even though Stiles is convinced Mason can handle it after his ordeal in last season’s finale. After Mission Take Down Theo fails, Liam heads to meet Mason at the high school. Mason is annoyed Liam missed their workout session and Liam is determined to tell his friend the truth, but before he can get a word out a wolf chases them into the school. When Liam gets his werewolf on the wolf runs away and Mason sees what his friends has become. Guess the secret’s out.

Oh one last thing: the wolf that chased them turns out to be Theo. That’s major secret #2 for those keeping score.

Just What The Doctors Ordered

Nightmares are at the center of the latest installment on Teen Wolf. At the top of the hour we meet Tracy, played by new addition Kelsey Chow, as she is detailing her terrifying night terror to Lydia’s mother at her office at the high school. Tracy is convinced she’s dreaming because the skylight she was trying to close had been sealed shut years ago. Mama Martin decides she’s having your garden variety anxiety, but when Tracy vomits a black substance all over her desk it’s clear something else is going on.

Later that day she has a night terror while at school and sees the same black substances coming from a locker and this time one of those creepy doctors to go along with it. It takes Lydia shaking her to get her mind right. Her mother dismissing how serious Tracy’s situation is, but with her supernatural knowledge Lydia takes on the case and brings Parrish along. When they get back to her house to investigate Parrish finds that the skylight is actually not sealed, but says he sees nothing. That is a lie though because there are numerous dead birds sprawled out across the ceiling.

Parrish decides to come back later that night to keep an eye on Tracy. Everything looks quiet from Parrish’s car, who is enjoying quality time with Lydia, but Tracy is on the move. She has what she thinks is another night terror, but when she ends up at The Doctors’ liar Tracy finds out just how real her situation is. They inject her with something and The Doctors officially have another creature to sick on Scott and his Pack.

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