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Ten Years And Two Cents – Top 10 Favorite “Best Friends”

On March 1, 2007, TwoCentsTV started as the result of a night-school project of our Founder – KP. Now, in 2017, TwoCentsTV marks our Ten Year Anniversary of focusing on all things Television!

To celebrate, the Senior Editorial staff compiled a series of TEN “Top 10” lists showcasing our favorites things about Television in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began. 

We started by celebrating One-Season Wonders then we ranked our favorite Underrated Shows, Series Finales, favorite Couples, Duos and Groups and Favorite Lines. Last week we focused on Favorite Episodes. This week we list our Favorite “Best Friends.” These are the friends from the past ten years that demonstrated all the friendship goals we hope for.

Raj Koothrappali (The Big Bang Theory)

photo: cbs

Sheldon has Leonard. Amy has Penny. Those were easy. But for Raj, he got Howard. Not the easier person in the world to co-exist with, but Raj made it work – as he does with everyone in the group. While the ensemble comedy has had a lot of on-screen pairings, it’s the scenes that each character gets with Raj that really seem to pull the most on the heart strings.

Morgan Grimes (Chuck)

photo: nbc

Every hero needs a side kick and a Nerd Hero needs one who can out-nerd him to safety. Thankfully, Chuck had Morgan. A perfect Sancho Panza for Chuck to have at his side as this former box store employee found himself constantly fighting off international superpowers!

Abed Nadir (Community)

photo: nbc

Ok, so a few times, Abed put his friends into peril is other dimensions or even in their own. But he would have put any of their needs before his and definitely would have taken a paintball for them!

Lane Kim (Gilmore Girls)

photo: netflix

Everyone needs a best pal to share their life with – good, bad and everything in between – and for Rory, it was Lane. Lane was there since kindergarten and always knew what being a best friend as all about. Whether it just be someone to vent to or share big life moments with, Lane was not only present, but always unwavering in her enthusiasm of her best pal Rory.

Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

photo: abc

She was Meredith’s person and vice versa. Being someone’s person isn’t just being their friend, it’s a commitment. Cristina was there to help Mer through tough times in and outside of work. The “twisted sisters” drank, fought and even danced together. Even though they had loves in their lives, Cristina reminded Mer that she was her sun and that they were more than just friends, but family.

Gus (Psych)

photo: usa

For every insane, crazy-thinking friend there is, his level-headed best buddy. This was Gus to Shawn. Since the beginning, Gus was the voice of reason, always there to back up Shawn’s crazy shenanigans, good or bad (but mostly bad). Gus also more often than not lent some needed honesty and humility to a moment and what more could you ask for in a best friend?

Turk (Scrubs)

photo: nbc

Throughout the series, Turk and JD were nearly always inseparable and in that we saw how great the pair were together, thanks to how supportive they were of each other. Turk was game for all of the crazy bits, the somber moments, and offered advice when he needed.

Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

photo: cw

Chloe was in on Clark’s secret earliest and continued to not only keep it but also support him early on while also being no-nonsense when he needed it. And those qualities (that every friend should have, honestly) made her a solid best friend to the man of steel through his formative years.

Wallace Fennel (Veronica Mars)

photo: cw

Everyone should be so lucky to have a Wallace to their Veronica. From the moment she got him down from the flagpole, their friendship grew and became one of the more important relationships on the show. He was there when she needed him to just be there, or borrow school records or serve as a distraction, not questioning it (most of the time).

Mozzie (White Collar)

photo: usa

Mozzie was one of Neal’s closest friends. He was not only an ally, but a confidant with lots of of insider criminal knowledge and sources. When called upon, Moz was always able to lend a hand or find someone or something that could help. Neal really couldn’t have asked for a more loyal friend, especially with all that he put him through.

How about you? Share your TwoCents about our list and what other favorite best friends of the past ten years would have made your list.

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