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Ten Years And Two Cents – Top 10 Favorite Couples

On March 1, 2007, TwoCentsTV started as the result of a night-school project of our Founder – KP. Now, in 2017, TwoCentsTV marks our Ten Year Anniversary of focusing on all things Television!

To celebrate, the Senior Editorial staff compiled a series of TEN “Top 10” lists showcasing our favorites things about Television in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began. We will unveil a new list every week for ten weeks, starting March 1st.

We started by celebrating “One-Season Wonders” then we ranked our favorite “Underrated Shows” and last week we listed our favorite Series Finales. This week we are focusing on our Favorite Couples of the past decade. These couples were memorable for their own reasons, but all share a long-lasting quality which is why they made it on this list.

Elizabeth and Peter Jennings (The Americans)

photo: fx

This was an arranged pairing and yet Elizabeth and Peter proved to be one of the most interesting couples on TV. Now on its penultimate season, the couple is not only still together, but getting stronger. The Jennings have been through more drama than imaginable and yet they stay together and love one another and are raising their two children together, one of whom even knows their true identities.

Castle and Beckett (Castle)

photo: tumblr

Sometimes a writer meets detective story comes along and you become invested in their growth, both individually and as a couple. You get to see their development over the seasons and watch their relationship flourish. That was Castle and Beckett. We became invested in their relationship the moment we saw Castle watch Beckett walk away at the end of their first investigation all through the seasons, the “always,” and their flash foward ending.

Chuck and Sarah (Chuck)

photo: skyrock

It all started with the intersect and a mission. Chuck and Sarah gave Chuck fans a fun, sweet, and at times heartbreaking relationship to root for throughout the series from the moment they met until that fateful scene on the beach.

Coach Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

photo: nbc

Has there been a couple, in recent times, that you wanted to pop-in and have dinner with more than the Taylors? Tami and Eric were the mom and dad so many of those kids needed and the perfect match to each other. Each strong and vulnerable in their own ways. A truly perfect match.

Peter and Olivia (Fringe)

photo: giphy

These two went through the biggest obstacles EVER to get to each other: Fauxlivia, Peter being erased from existence, season four. It was a painful road to go down with Peter and Olivia but they definitely deserve a spot on this list!

Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

photo: cbs

As a sitcom couple, Marshall and Lily had their fair share of laughs and inside jokes, but they were the epitome of a perfect couple that their friends tried hard to replicate. The pair started as college sweethearts, understood each other and shared a lot of emotional ups and downs, but through it all, they stuck by each other. Their love shone through when they supported one another on their goals of being an artist and environmental lawyer and when they had their signature couple high-five. We can only wish we find a love as strong as Lilypad and Marshmallow.

Dwight and Angela (The Office)

photo: nbc

While we spent the first few seasons WISHING for Jim and Pam, it was Dwight and Angela’s relationship that kept us guessing the entirety of the show’s run. From that first night at Jim’s BBQ (in the doghouse) to their wedding in the finale, some of us fans say that “Dwangela” was the best relationship of the show!

Jim and Pam (The Office)

photo: nbc

Forget the past ten years, in the history of television, few relationships were as wonderful and loving as Jim and Pam. We watched as they fell in love – scream at our televisions as episode after episode they came SO close to saying the words the other was dying to have them say – until FINALLY it happened. First Date, Wedding, Babies and more – we got to watch it all. “JAM” are on the Mount Rushmore of TV couples – right there with Lucy and Ricky, Sam and Diane and Homer and Marge!

Adam and Kristina (Parenthood)

photo: nbc

Adam and Kristina were the power couple of the Braverman family. Not only are they adorable, they loved hard and always showed an undying love for their three amazing children. In addition, they faced their ups and downs as a team and always provided great support to each other and the rest of their immediate families.

April and Andy (Parks and Recreation)

photo: pinterest

Andy and April are one of those couples that though they were so different, complemented each other well. They were an adorable pair that allowed each other to embrace their eccentricities while also pushing to go after what they wanted…which sounds very serious for April and Andy but that was the core of their dynamic over the series.

How about you? Share your TwoCents about our list and what other couples of the past ten years would have made your list.

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