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Ten Years And Two Cents – Top 10 Favorite Episodes

On March 1, 2007, TwoCentsTV started as the result of a night-school project of our Founder – KP. Now, in 2017, TwoCentsTV marks our Ten Year Anniversary of focusing on all things Television!

To celebrate, the Senior Editorial staff compiled a series of TEN “Top 10” lists showcasing our favorites things about Television in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began. 

We started by celebrating One-Season Wonders then we ranked our favorite Underrated Shows, Series Finales, favorite Couples and Duos and Groups. Last week we focused on our Favorite Lines. This week we are listing our Favorite Episodes. These episodes left a lasting impression on us and the rest of the TV world in the past ten years.

“Invasion!” (Arrow)
Season 5, Episode 8

photo: cw

Arrow’s 100th episode was in the middle of the second annual Arrowverse crossover event but the hour still managed to make the crossover story work while also honoring the show that started it all as current and former members of Team Arrow were thrown into a reality where one aspect of their lives were different: Oliver never went on the boat, Moira and Robert never died, Smoak Technology existed, and Diggle was the Green Arrow. It was a great hour that showed the obstacles they went through brought them to where they were meant to be.

“Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects” (Pitch)
Season 1, Episode 8

photo: fox

Pitch’s first season showed us different aspects of baseball and in this episode we got to see what happens in the fictional Padres clubhouse during a rain delay which included Ginny’s first Kangaroo Court which took a turn for the tense, Mike opting in to be traded, plenty of Baker family drama brewing, and of course a solidly funny moment between Mike, Blip, and Omar.

“Pilot” (This is Us)
Season 1, Episode 1

photo: nbc

Wow this is a great show. Wow I really like how the characters are connected. Wow, they are all siblings, awesome. Now, how do Jack and Rebecca fit into this? …. WAIT… WHAT!?!?!?! The end of the Pilot of This Is Use is one of the greatest twists and reveals in recent TV history – and instantly hooked America into their new favorite family drama.

“Cruise” (New Girl)
Season 3, Episode 23

photo: fox

Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but this New Girl episode chronicles how being on a cruise, especially with your ex, can be totally weird. Schmidt said it best that the cruise will be a “Floating all you can eat weirdness,” but despite this, it’s one of the funniest episodes of the series as one can imagine when the group is stuck in very close quarters. Turistas Salvajes Encontrados anyone?

“Psych: The Musical” (Psych)
Season 7, Episodes 15 & 16

photo: usa

Dule Hill had been dying to show off his mad tap dance skills (see every video he puts on Instagram these days) and FINALLY got a chance when Psych took a chance and did a musical number. The songs stayed in the hilarity the show had every week and we got to be witness to Timothy Omundson’s Carlton singing his heart out (leading to Galavant and the BEARD!).

“Li’l Sebastian” (Parks and Recreation)
Season 3, Episode 16

photo: nbc

This episode packed a punch in 27 minutes. We saw the best (and worst) in Pawnee as they got together to celebrate the life of Li’l Sebastian including Andy writing his “5,000 Candles in the Wind” song. There was also Jean-Ralphio and Tom trying to launch Entertainment 720, Chris questioning his health, and Ben and Leslie trying to hide their secret love affair. The episode also introduces to Ron’s first ex – also named Tammy – and ends with Leslie being approached by scouts to potentially run for elected office.

“Goodbye, Michael” (The Office)
Season 7, Episode 22

photo: nbc

We never really thought he’d leave. We thought he’d die in that office in Scranton, PA. But in the episodes leading up to this one, Michael started to grow up and we can thank Holly for that. Michael finally found a reason to leave the safety of his Scanton walls and truly see how high he could fly. The goodbye song brought tears. Jim not letting him say goodbye – more tears. But it was Pam at the airport, with no audio, that made the waterworks truly flow.

“The Son” (Friday Night Lights)
Season 4, Episode 5

photo: nbc

Zach Gilford used every ounce of his acting chops in this episode. After losing his Father in Iraq, Matt Saracen must deal with all of the arrangements and grief that comes with that. With a helping hand from everyone’s favorite father (Coach Taylor), Matt somehow makes it through the wake, funeral and burial. Doing the shoveling himself at the end left a lump the size of Texas in all our throats.

“Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer” (Chuck)
Season 2, Episode 5

photo: nbc

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer was one of those episodes that showed exactly why Chuck is a great agent just by being himself…and mastering an arcade game thanks to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” while also preventing World War III.

“The Constant” (Lost)
Season 4, Episode 5

photo: abc

There were many great Lost episodes, but this is the episode that stood out and for good reason. It encompassed many of the good things about the show: the mythology, time travel and the characters. In this case, it was all about Desmond and his “constant” Penny. Seeing Desmond flash back and forth in time trying to figure it all out with Faraday, then asking Penny to never change her phone number and the ending climax when Desmond calls and Penny answers! Dare to say you didn’t shed tears at this moment and realize this couple was meant to be together.

How about you? Share your TwoCents about our list and what other favorite episodes of the past ten years would have made your list.

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