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Ten Years and Two Cents – Top 10 Favorite One Season Wonders

On March 1, 2007, TwoCentsTV started as the result of a night-school project of our Founder – KP. Now, in 2017, TwoCentsTV marks our Ten Year Anniversary of focusing on all things Television!

To celebrate, the Senior Editorial staff compiled a series of TEN “Top 10” lists showcasing our favorites things about Television in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began. We will unveil a new list every week starting today for ten weeks.

We start with our favorite “One-Season Wonders” of the past decade. While these shows only lasted one season, they left a big impression on us and the TV world.

The Grinder (FOX)

photo: fox

This show was one of the funniest of last TV season and one that shocked a lot of people when it wasn’t put on the schedule for this past fall. Rob Lowe as an actor who played a lawyer, going to work for his family’s law firm is funny enough. Add in an AMAZING return to TV by Fred Savage and a wonderful supporting cast. Savage was the deadpan “straight man” to Lowe’s shenanigans, and every single rolling-eye glance or annoyed line of dialog kept us rolling in laughter.

Red Band Society (FOX)

photo: fox

This little show should have had a second chance. The story of a “band” of kids trying their very best to survive in a long-term hospital wing for children was one that was as touching as it was fun. They did a fantastic job of keeping things light, while still putting emphasis on the seriousness of all their situations. We sure would have loved to see another season with Charlie OUT of the coma. Oh, did I mention amazing performances by Octavia Spencer and David Annable?

Enlisted (FOX)

photo: fox

Enlisted was one of those shows that simultaneous made you laugh and tug at your heartstrings. Following three brothers in the military and their unit on base, the show gave us different aspects of military life and made us so attached to this group of off-beat personalities. I was heartbroken that the show was only given one season but I’m glad it was around to give us that emotional coffee and that heartwarming send off as the finale celebrating Alive Day. If you haven’t watched, it’s up on Amazon!

Trophy Wife (ABC)

photo: abc

Granted the title didn’t bring people in but Trophy Wife was a hilarious show about what happens with blended families and the changing dynamics. Malin Akerman, Marcia Gay Harden, Michaela Watkins, and Bradley Whitford offered their own brands of comedy throughout the first season with each character offering different aspects of family life. The kids on the cast also had some really solid comedic talent, often stealing scenes and episodes. And of course, Natalie Morales’ deadpan was very much appreciated.

Go On (NBC)

photo: nbc

Third time was not a charm for Matthew Perry as he starred on a show that again failed to get a second season. Of the three on this list, I actually expected this one to make it as it had positive reviews and decent raitings. This show revolved around a sports talk show host attending a grief support group. On paper, this sounds like it could be iffy as a comedy, but the show kept a nice balance of happy and sad and absurd. It tugged at your heart strings when needed and the group and their leader, played by the amazing Laura Benanti, were all flawed by design and all their flaws made the show entertaining and yet relateable to watch.

Bunheads (ABC Family)

photo: abc family

This should have been Amy Sherman Palladino’s comeback series, but it fell short. It was wonderfully acted and brought ballet into the forefront. It starred Sutton Foster as classically trained professional dancer Michelle who became a showgirl in Vegas, who married a man impulsively and moved to his home town, only for him to die unexpectedly. The Town of Paradise was the new Stars Hollow for Palladino that saw Michelle get to know her new home and small town via her mother in law Fanny (the wonderful Kelly Bishop) and her dance studio and the girls in it. It was a show that had a lot of heart.

The Finder (FOX)

photo; fox

Geoff Stults’ luck on Fox has not been exactly great but he gave us another show that was gone too soon in The Finder. Walter Sherman was an off-beat veteran that turned his traumatic injury into a talent as he became the Finder, first being introduced on Bones. The dynamic between Walter and his team made the show fun to watch especially between him and his legal adviser, Leo.

Mr. Sunshine (ABC)

photo: abc

Mr. Sunshine focused on the manager of a sports arena (Matthew Perry) and the quirky staff and owner. The series also featured a hilarious turn for drama queen Allison Janney as the owner. While Perry as manager Ben who doesn’t really like working with people was the focus on the show, it was his side-kick co-workers Alonzo and Roman who stole each episode. Their reactions and responses to everything that happened around them were unpredictable and very funny.

Journeyman (NBC)

photo: nbc

Kevin McKidd starred (before heading to Grey’s) as a reporter who was thrust back in time to help others. Not help them like Reese did in Person of Interest, but by changing some kind of life event in their past to make their future better. Sure, it was a little too Quantum Leap, but it was a fun show and of course McKidd acted the hell out of it.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)

photo: nbc

Post The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin plowed into a new series focusing on the behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show. Starring Matthew Perry (which began his series of TV show miscues) and Bradley Whitford as the show producers, the show was too smart and slow to start. Once the show had found its groove with the amazing acting of Sarah Paulson as one of the show performers, time had run out. It also didn’t help that this was the same year 30 Rock was also introduced to TV and on the same network. It’s hard to have two very different shows basically focusing on the same thing, so one had to go.

How about you? Share your TwoCents about our list and what other One-Season Wonders of the past ten years would have made your list.

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