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Ten Years And Two Cents – Top 10 Favorite Shows

On March 1, 2007, TwoCentsTV started as the result of a night-school project of our Founder – KP. Now, in 2017, TwoCentsTV marks our Ten Year Anniversary of focusing on all things Television!

To celebrate, the Senior Editorial staff compiled a series of TEN “Top 10” lists showcasing our favorites things about Television in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began.

We started by celebrating One-Season Wonders then we ranked our favorite Underrated Shows, Series Finales, favorite Couples, Duos and Groups, Favorite Lines and Favorite Episodes. Last week we focused on our Favorite “Best Friends.” This week we list our Favorite Shows of the past decade. These are the shows that will stand the test of time, but have also made a lasting impression on us in the ten years since TwoCentsTV began.

Arrow (CW)
2012 – Present

photo: cw
Arrow began the next generation of superhero shows over on the CW. After Oliver returned from 5 years on a hell-ish island (and Hong Kong and Russia…), we got to see him grow from what he was on his return to the hero he is today. While we got to see fun nods to the comics, the show also allowed for growth of different iterations of characters as well as original characters, Felicity and Diggle. Their journeys separately and together has become the highlight of the show along with seeing their team change and grow.

Chuck (NBC)
2007 – 2012

photo: nbc
The action. The drama. The comedy. Chuck had all of these things. The story about a guy who accidentally gets all of the government’s secrets installed in his brain and how Chuck muddled through that gave us a solid few years. But it was at its best when it balanced out the relationships Chuck had with Ellie and Awesome, Morgan, everyone at Buy More, and Sarah with the comedy and the action, which it did wonderfully.

Friday Night Lights (NBC & Direct TV)
2006 – 2011

photo: nbc
Every character was special. Every episode was glorius. (Yes, I did block out the beginning of Season 2, why do you ask?) Every relationship, every game, every father-to-son talk, every Grandma laugh, every Crucifictorious concert, every dinner at Applebys, every Homecoming, every touchdown, every Riggins brother scheme, every Julie hissy fit, every Buddy Garrity party, every Alamo Freeze dessert, every Panthers/Lions game, every Smash break-away, every scolding from Mama, every wheelchair rugby game – they all are etched in our souls. It was more than TV – it was a weekly check-in with our friends. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

The Good Wife (CBS)
2009 – 2016

photo: cbs
The Good Wife elevated what network dramas looked like. Week after week, the show managed to push all the buttons for a network drama that some cable shows didn’t even do with its acting and great writing. Add in a strong female lead in Alicia Florrick and you have one of the last great broadcast network dramas on TV.

Lost (ABC)
2004 – 2010

photo: abc
Lost was an ensemble drama about a plane crash, but it was so much more than that simple description. You couldn’t help but fall for the cast of characters the show introduced, for good and bad reasons. But what really made this show great was seeing relationships develop between strangers, the insane twists and love stories intertwined with the flash backs and flash forwards and all the lighter moments (from much of what Hurley provided and all of Sawyer’s nicknames).

The Office (NBC)
2005 – 2013

photo: ew
Like most of the shows on this list, it wasn’t necessarily the sets, costumes or storylines that made their way into our hearts it was the people. Michael’s need to be loved, Jim chasing Pam, Dwight’s NEED for authority, Kevin’s M&Ms, Angela’s cats, Meredith’s booze, Toby’s monotone, Kelly’s insanity, Ryan’s climb and fall, Phyllis’ love of Bob Vance, Stanley’s crosswords, Andy’s acapella, Oscar’s rationality, Daryl messing with Michael, Jan’s insanity, Karen’s jealousy, David’s authority, Erin’s naivety, Creed’s being Creed – we could keep going on and on (Roy, Packer, Robert California, Jo, Pete, Clark, Mose, Helene, Josh, Charles, Deangelo, Gil, Hank, Nellie, Gabe…..)

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)
2013 – Present

photo: netflix
A show about a women’s prison on the internet – could have been a description of an early Cinemax “late night” show. But Orange is the New Black is so much more. They use the freedom they have, being on Netflix, to push boundaries and tell stories that people are usually afraid to do. The characters are full and the way we get to explore the backstory of these ‘inmates’ and guards shows us how much goes into making someone who they are today.

Parenthood (NBC)
2010 – 2015

photo: nbc
Parenthood was family drama at its best. It made us feel a part of the Braverman family and through the happy and sad, laughter and tears, we felt what the Bravermans felt and wish we could be there or hold their hands and help them through their latest triumphs and heartaches. The show tackled the realities of life in a most authentic way that we had never seen before. There wasn’t always a happy ending, but family was always there for one another. Parenthood also gave us some of the most up and down emotional moments (and so many teary moments) from sicknesses, big mistakes and big leaps of faith to a Braverman dance party, the show really did have it all.

Parks and Recreation (NBC)
2009 – 2015

photo: nbc
Parks and Rec will always have a place on my favorites list not only because of the funny and neurotic Pawneeans we got to meet over the seasons, but also because of Leslie Knope. Her endless optimism and determination to make her town a better place is a quality that was appreciated during its run and is still appreciated (especially) now. This show also gave us gems like “treat yourself,” Cones of Dunshire, and Li’l Sebastian.

Psych (USA Network)
2006 – 2014

photo: usa
A buddy detective show – sounds pretty simple right? Not with Shawn and Gus in the lead. The show was touching, suspenseful and so freaking funny! The cases were great, the friendships were even better. Every week we’d find new reasons to fall in love with Juliet, Carlton or Henry, too. Someday it will come back… are you listening Netflix?

How about you? Share your TwoCents about our list and what other favorite shows of the past ten years would have made your list.

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