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TerrifiCon 2017 – Salute To TV’s Batman


This past weekend, I ventured into my first experience with a Comic Convention. I got my press passes for TerrifiCon in Connecticut, drafted a good friend, Steve, with a history in newspaper reporting, and headed off to the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Bat Signal
Bat Signal at TerrifiCon

When TerrifiCon was first announced they had an amazing lead guest – TV’s Batman – Adam West. As we all know now, Mr. West passed away before the convention. TerrifiCon turned the event into a salute to the show and the man.

Last time we talked about the Exhibitor’s Room and all the booths of artists and sales tables. Also, in that room were momentos from the great Batman TV show. Costumes. The Batcopter. The Bat Signal. The Bat Boat. The Shakespeare bust that flips open and the red Bat Phone. Even a photo op where you can “walk up the side of the building” like Batman and Robin used to. (If you’re lucky the king of Batman Cosplay will join you too!)

Bat Boat
Bat Boat

Catwoman Costumes
Catwoman Costumes

Walking Up Walls with Batman
Walking Up Walls with Batman

bat copter
The Bat Copter

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without – the original Batmobile! Just seeing it is enough to make people of any age feel like a little kid again.


Jim Munson was ecstatic. Truly and honestly excited. He just got his photos taken in the front seat of the vintage Batmobile from the iconic 1966 “Batman” television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. He popped out of the sleek black 1967 Ford with red trim and shook his head. “That was fun,” he said.

“This was my life long dream,” he said. “It’s like a religion.” A long held one at that. He and his brother started watching the show as toddlers, acting out the show’s campy adventures.

He wasn’t sure if the Batmobile at the convention was the original in the show. But this one had some of the autographs of the show’s stars affixed and that certainly gave it something special in his eyes. “That’s as real as it gets,” Jim said.

Jim Munson "Meeting" the Batmobile
Jim Munson “Meeting” the Batmobile

Over the next several days, we’ll be sharing more of our thoughts on what we saw at TerrifiCon and hope you’ll check them out.

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