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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Kindness of Strangers

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The Amazing Race
Kindness of Strangers

Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

After winning yet another Emmy, The Amazing Race – and PHIL – is back for a 19th season! This year we get two Survivor winners, an NFL player, twins, Vegas showgirls, medal-winning Olympians, a Guinness Book of World record holder and more.

Also back is the Express Pass but added on is the Hazard Penalty, giving to the last team to complete the task at the start line. Talking about the start line, the race began in Los Angeles (again). The teams had to look for an umbrella with the letters “TAI” to match the letters they were given “WAN PEI” which would turn into two words – Taipei, Taiwan.


And now … the top 11 things I learned from The Amazing Race – Season 19.

1. Team XX (Ernie and Cindy): This engaged couple was the first done with road block at the Taipei Confucius Temple using a phone to get a message and repeating it to a monk. They win the express pass! Ernie says having “control freak” Cindy on the race is a good thing.

2. Team “We’re Dating” (Jeremy and Sandy)
: This dating couple hit the mat second but did nothing to impress me or help me remember them. But it’s only week one.

3. Team XX (Justin and Jennifer): These siblings are a doctor and a teacher. I’m sure their brains will help them. However, they didn’t do anything to stand out to me. Let’s see what happens.

4. Team Survivor (Ethan and Jenna): If you’re a Survivor fan, these two need no introduction. However, Ethan thinks that the others have no idea who they are (unlike previous contestants Boston Rob…). WRONG.

5. Team Colts (Amani and Marcus): Marcus is an NFL player and Amani is his wife. Marcus doesn’t want anyone to know he plays and since the NFL was on a lockout, technically he was able to say he didn’t currently play. They were pretty rad and were the second done at road block. Look out for these guys.

6. Team Sails-Around-The-World (Laurence and Zac): This is a father and son pairing with a twist. Zac was the youngest person under 18 to sail around the world alone and Laurence has eight kids! I’d say they’re pretty tough guys. They handled themselves well and landed mid-pack.

7. Team Snowboard (Andy and Tommy)
: These two are medal-winning pro snowboarders who are the first out of the clue in LA. However, their first out luck doesn’t continue and they are more towards the end of the pack when they hit the mat.

8. Team Fly (Bill and Ron)
: The fact that these guys are flight attendants will definitely help them during this race. Or SHOULD.

9. Team Showgirl (Kaylani and Lisa): Kaylani can’t find her passport on the way to the airport. On the first leg. Seriously, before the race even STARTS! She loses it at the gas station and two nice samaritans turn it in at the airport, thanks to some Tweets leading them in the right direction. They eventually get through everything, including their Hazard penalty. had to bungee jump in a mall! Kaylani does it and enjoyed it.

10. Team Twin (Liz and Marie): Liz struggles on the road block while Marie yells her. She keeps getting the first few words wrong and doesn’t know it.

11. Team Grandparents (Bill and Cathi): These grandparents struggle on the very first task, finding a clue on a jumbotron. The clue said “look up” and they looked way too high, going to the top of a high building. They spent four – FOUR – hours looking for the clue!! They finally get the clue and head to the temple and (editing makes it appear that) Cathi gets it right on the first try! They get to Phil finally and find out it’s a non-elimination leg! They’re saved!

Next week, Ethan loses a clue and there’s the FIRST EVER double elimination!

I sort of agree with the racers that say Jenna and Ethan have already won too much money to be on TAR. However, some people race for the experience, not the money. I was not a fan of the twins or the grandparents but we still have a lot of racing left! I will say, however, that I was not a fan of the dragon boat racing, which we JUST saw on season 18. Come on guys, get original! Have any early favorites? What will be the phrase of the race? Leave your two cents below!

PS – Please help me come up with team names! Especially the ones that say “Team XX.” 🙂

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