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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Run, Babushka, Run

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The Amazing Race
Run, Babushka, Run

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

I’m excited for this week. It’s Russia week! And Russia is always a crazy leg of the race. Either the language is a problem or an eating challenge brings someone down (sauerkraut anyone??). I’m still a bit baffled by last week’s Team Volleyball elimination and still am hoping for a good whooping for Kevin, but in the meantime, Russia will do.

The Top 7 Things I Learned From The Amazing Race 17

1. Team Express Pass, Thomas and Jill: I finally figured out the difference between them and Chad/Stephanie: Thomas has a brain that he uses for more than just yelling! And a goatee. But seriously, at the movie task, he noticed the movie had words in it and looked for film strips with words. Smart! And holy potatoes, Jill kicked those babushka’s booties on the road block! Wow! They figure out the fact the pit stop is in the park across from the historic building and hit the mat first, winning a trip to Brazil.

2. Team HSN, Brook and Claire: Everyone dogs on Brook for having stinky socks. That made me laugh. They get stuck with a directionally-impaired cabbie. Whoops. After having bad cab luck, they get lucky at the movie task. Brook gets through the road block quickly and thanks to Kevin hating his father, they get to the mat second.

3. Team YouTube, Michael and Kevin: Michael is excited to be in Russia with all the history while Kevin just wants a clue. Kevin decides they should do the video task because he has experience making them. Uh, buddy, I don’t think making YouTube videos is anything like classic Russian cinema, but okay then. Kevin finally catches on to the “word” thing at the movie task and gets the clue. You could literally see the lightbulb turn on in his head. What’s better than that? Kevin in a dress during the “babushka” task. When Michael keeps telling Kevin the pit stop is in the park, he keeps rejecting the suggestion. Because of this, they hit the mat third.

4. The Doctors, Nat and Kat: The girls talk about wanting to be the first female team to win the race, especially coming from the male-dominated medical field. They are the first to figure out everyone will be bunched up on the same train. Should be fun! Nat and Kat also take on “Russian personalities” Natasha and Katya upon landing (although we never see them after the five second cab ride). They make me laugh. With the rest of the music ditchers, they hit up the movie theatre. I was not impressed with Kat being mean to Mallory by tricking her. It works to keep them in the game as they get to Phil fourth.

5. Team Tinkerbell, Chad and Stephanie: They start the leg with a fight. Oh, something new. But Stephanie stood up to him and called him “shady.” I don’t think the word made sense and he didn’t like it. Either way, STOP YELLING. After all is said and done, they are the only pair at the music task, despite them arguing over wanting to leave. I can’t even figure out who wanted to go and who wanted to stay after a while. They decide to switch tasks, although Chad says it’s probably too late and they’re “screwed.” So they keep going with the music. Chad gives Stephanie control of the task and says it was one of the hardest moments in his life. They finally get it right and he owes her an apology! After Stephanie does the road block, they get to the mat fifth, just seconds before Gary and Mallory.

6. Team Screams a lot, Gary and Mallory: You know what I like about this team? Who knew that Mallory had been a Miss whatever-state-she’s-from? She competed in Miss America (so did Brook). She focuses more about being with her dad than anything else. Kudos to Mallory, kudos. After much frustration, they switch to the movie task. Mallory got lost on the road block – big time – and Kat walked right by her. Although, she did get invited in to someone’s house for vodka. She finally gets to the task and her shoes fall off in the manure. Poor girl. They’re still in the race, getting to Phil just after Chad and Stephanie.

. Team Vegas, Nick and Vicki: According to Nick, St. Petersburg is “the Venice of the north.” I’m too lazy to look that up, but something doesn’t sound right. Along with ScreamsAlot, they switch to the movie task after the music became too much. When the movies became too much, they went back to the music. Seriously? But it paid off when they took their time and did the songs one at a time. Ever the smart ones, Nick decides to do the road block because it said “drag race.” It must be about cars or bikes, right? OH EM GEE. It’s ANOTHER non-elimination leg and the team that keeps on giving me things to shake my head about is still around to race another leg. Wow.

Next week: Kevin yells at Michael because he is doing bad at a physical task. Oh, something new!

I wonder why this was a non-elimination leg? Are Nick and Vicki THAT important? On the plus side of them, I was very happy to see Nick address his previous anger issues and how he promised not to do it again. I really, REALLY, can’t stand Kevin. Watching him have to wear a dress was a nice form of redemption, but not enough. I’m not sure why Chad and Stephanie were arguing so much and aren’t they the team that is facing a potential proposal? Not good. I was really impressed with Thomas and Jill on this leg – really impressed. They stayed cool and calm and deserved that first place finish. What did you think? Did Nick and Vicki deserve the save? Leave your two cents below!

Also, if you’re playing The Amazing Race WWW game on, feel free to add me to your team! I’m nascarfarrah. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here.

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