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The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Herb Garden Germination

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The Big Bang Theory
The Herb Garden Germination

Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Gossip can be a great thing. We all partake in it. But gossip amongst geeks? That has to be bizarre. In the real world, gossip turns into a bad game of telephone. “I had an affair” turns into “Gloria has blue hair.” But with our favorite group of nerds, things stay matter of fact.

In tonight’s episode, it’s a little bit too matter of fact so Amy and Sheldon decide to test the time it takes to spread a rumor. And we also get to find out just how bad Raj’s crush for Bernadette is (and why a clarinet is involved).

Everything begins with Sheldon and Amy at a book launch. They are terribly bored at the stupidity of the author. While bored, Amy shares with Sheldon an “interesting tidbit” about Howard and Bernadette. Amy says it’s okay to participate in gossip and Sheldon, after a bit of a debate, asks for the “411.” Amy tells him that Bernadette is considering breaking up with Howard. WHAT!? No. Say it isn’t so.

While playing virtual archery (Sheldon takes this very seriously), Sheldon tells Leonard the big Bernadette/Howard news. He’s curious as to what happened while Sheldon theorizes that Amy’s dive into gossip is all thanks to Penny. Priya is around and asks Leonard to invite Howard and Bernadette to a Dodgers game she has tickets to. When Leonard tells her the possible breakup news, Priya tells Leonard about Raj’s huge crush on Bernadette. It’s so big he has a bunch of poems about her (including the amazing “Oh Bernadette, please play my clarinet.”). Leonard runs into Penny, who was the originator of the breakup rumor, and tells her about Raj’s crush. Oy. Over lunch, while everyone around him knows that Bernadette is going to break up with him, Howard tells the guys he’s going to propose to Bernadette. Raj is not happy.

Amy and Sheldon are chatting about her lab work while Sheldon brings up the Howard-is-going-to-propose piece of information (which brought up my favorite line of the night: “Everyone was set a-twitter. Although oddly, no one tweeted.”) They decide to experiment with gossip, using one tantalizing piece of gossip and one non-tantalizing. Amy heads over to Penny’s and tells her that her and Sheldon had sexual intercourse (!!!) – and in other news, she’s starting an herb garden. Mum’s the word! Down at the “Cheesecake Factory,” Raj is drunk and obsessing over Bernadette. Penny tells Raj to quit it. To get him to stop thinking about Bernadette, Penny tells Raj that Shamy had sex, to which Raj responds “SHUT YOUR ASS!!” (Sidenote: I nearly died of laughter from that one.) Back at the apartment, Leonard asks Sheldon if things are okay between him and Amy. Amy was secretly on video chat and their experiment is going well. (For the conversation that occurs between Sheldon and Amy about their success, see the “lines of the night” below. It’s too funny!)

In front of everyone, eating out of their take out containers, with the thoughts of the impending breakup running through his friends’ heads, Howard asks Bernadette to marry him. Before he’s even done asking the question, she says YES!!! Raj is devastated!

What a brilliant Big Bang Theory episode! Sheldon and Amy were hilarious with their experiment, Raj with his Bernadette obsession was amazing and of course, the engagement of Howard and Bernadette is wonderful! I was caught a bit off guard that Penny wasn’t in the room (she found out via text message after it happened) but a BBT wedding? I’m so there! And what will happen when Howard has to tell his mother?!

Another great part of the episode was Simon Helberg (Howard) and his live Tweeting. Below are some of his Tweets. Then leave us some of your two cents about this episode!

From @SimonHelberg:

– re: wardrobe – I often need assistance getting in & out of those pants. Luckily there are well paid women to help. Lucky for them.
– With the magic of an Indian tapestry in the background, you are transported to India. Really, Raj’s parents are about ten feet away.
– Sitting in the wardrobe can hurt. Belt buckle digs into my stomach. Pants ride, etc.
– There’s an entire room dedicated to my wardrobe that Mary Quigley has designed. I would guess there are over 100 belt buckles.
– (re: Fave episode) As for ones that have aired, I loved the road trip episode with the science conference at the end and Rick Fox, etc.
– ATOQ: I don’t wear a wig. Not yet. My hair is flat-ironed, however.
– ATOQ: Howard continues to live with his mother for now. In an upcoming ep. he will have break the news to his mother. It’s not so easy.
– ATOQ: The ring was tiny because Melissa is miniature.

Tonight’s sexually and slightly inappropriate yet hilarious lines of the night:
Amy: The meme has reached full penetration.
Sheldon: Pun intended?
Amy: No. Happy accident.

Amy: I should let you know that she asked for details about our dalliance.
Sheldon: Interesting. So it went beyond the mere fact of coitus to a “blow by blow” as it were.
Amy: Pun intended?
Sheldon: I’m sorry. What pun?

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