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The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Plimpton Simulation

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The Big Bang Theory
The Plimpton Simulation

Original Air Date: May 10, 2010

Theresa – Staff Writer

As we all know, Sheldon is unmoved by all things romantic or sexual, and has positively no interest in changing this. That’s why, when he tells Leonard that he’s having a “non-related female” at their apartment for the following two nights, everyone’s reaction is essentially, “Whaa?”

Actually, Raj has to give his reaction through a napkin and from another table, after Sheldon witnesses not one, but TWO unexplained sneezes from him! These will remain his conditions until such time as he can provide two negative throat cultures. But back to the point.

Turns out Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton (guest star Judy Greer), a renowned cosmological physicist, will be coming by. To make her feel at home, Sheldon places various feminine hygiene products in the apartment, including maxi-pads and yogurt specially formulated for female digestion. Leonard is a big fan of Dr. Plimpton’s work, and is starstruck (no pun intended) when he meets her, though she seems a little… eccentric. Afterward, Sheldon shows Elizabeth to his room, demonstrating the windows and how to browse his comics with disposable gloves. He also gives her a welcome packet with escape routes and bathroom schedules. I love you, Sheldon.

However, the good doctor seems much more interested in Leonard. She goes into his room late at night, where he’s reading her book in bed, and shares a little tidbit – she wrote some of it naked. And oh, look, this tidbit comes with re-enactment!

The next morning, it’s pretty obvious what happened. Well, not to Sheldon, of course, but definitely to Penny, who stops by looking for a ride to work because her gas tank is empty. When Sheldon realizes Leonard has slept with Elizabeth, he is appalled by the betrayal because Leonard “played with his friend.” It’s also not obvious to Raj or Howard, because for some reason, Leonard prefers to give them really vague hints about his night, so they think he stayed up making Lego movies. And then it gets weird.

Howard shows up for Halo night at Raj’s house only to discover Elizabeth beat him there. And by the way, he’s also now the “delivery man” that she and Raj can’t pay – how ever will they compensate him? That’s right; it would seem our flaky physicist is one excited atom. Anyway, she goes to change into something more revealing, and just as the two boys are considering the proposition, Leonard comes by. Game change! Now Raj is her new landlord and Howard and Leonard are moving men! Quite the imagination on this one. Howard, who explains that he’s single now, is in until Leonard reminds him they all have to be naked. Raj eventually tricks them into leaving… but he still gets to be the landlord.

In the end, Penny holds back from going off on Leonard, whose only explanation for sleeping with Dr. Plimpton is that “she let him”. She knows she has no right to care, but she’s still going to judge him.

I don’t know what it is about Judy Greer, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her play someone who wasn’t in some way completely bizarre. She worked well in the role, though, and I am beyond happy that they did not play up another non-interest for Sheldon. Though I have to wonder: why no love for the Moon-pie? He doesn’t get propositioned? What’s up with that?

Besides that, I’m pretty sure Leonard’s never gotten as much play in his whole life as he’s gotten this season, and same goes for Raj – love it when he gets himself a girl! And of course, that leads us to the one thing we cannot NOT talk about – WHEN and WHY did Howard break up with Bernadette? What a kick in the face that was! I’m actually shocked! What did you all think of that reveal? Give me your Two Cents about the loss of Bernadette and the freaky doctor below the quotes.

Best Lines
Howard: I have a two-part question: A) are you kidding me? and B) Seriously, are you freaking kidding me?!
Sheldon: A) I rarely kid, and B) when I do kid, you’ll know it by my use of the word “bazinga”.

Sheldon: Over here, you’ll find emergency provisions – an eight-day supply of food and water, a crossbow, Season 2 of Star Trek: The Original Series on a high-density flash drive.
Elizabeth: What if there’s a disaster that destroys all the USB ports?
Sheldon: Then there’s really no reason to live, is there?

Leonard: It involved another person.
Raj: Did you get a Japanese love pillow?
Howard: How is a Japanese love pillow another person?
Raj: It is if you love her and give her a name.

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