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The Closer – Recap & Review – Drug Fiend

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The Closer
Drug Fiend

Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2012

Will – Sr. Reviewer

As we count down the episodes of The Closer until the series finale, the episodes just keep getting better and better! I would also say that this was a very emotional episode where we get to see a rare side of Brenda. We get to see her express emotions and see the raw emotions. This is something that we rarely see with Brenda and it was quite an emotional performance. Even though the show is coming to an end, Brenda is still investigating murders and putting all that she’s got into it.

A cancer doctor is murdered in his practice on a weekend and Brenda and the team are called to investigate. Since it is a Sunday morning, Sargent David Gabriel is called from church and this is where get to meet his new girlfriend, Anne Mason. She is studying to become a lawyer so the team does not approve of a police officer dating a lawyer. My biggest laugh out loud moment was when Brenda met her. It was so funny to see Brenda flustered and couldn’t find the right words to say.

We also get an update on Brenda’s father. As we all know, Brenda’s father was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer last season and it seems they have cured the cancer. This is good news but Clay is still not feeling well even after the cancer is gone.

Back to the murder. This was a complicated case that made me sick to my stomach by the end of the show. As the team continues to investigate, they discover that all of his drugs that he had stored in his practice have been stolen leading Brenda thinking it could be a junkie who killed and stole the drugs. Brenda changes her mind when they discover that chemotherapy drugs were also stolen and not just opiates. A prime suspect in this case was a fired nurse by Dr. Brady but she says she was fired because she found that Brady was scamming medicare by making up fake patients to get chemo drugs to give to actual patients who could not afford the expensive price of chemo.

This week, we have Captain Raydor who is up in everyone’s business, especially Brenda’s. Brenda is already emotional because this case is about cancer because of her father. We actually see surprise on her face when Raydor confesses to Brenda that she has been ordered by Pope to report to the DA’s office every time Brenda’s squad rolls out to a Major Crime.

As the show progresses, we find out some shocking news about the chemotherapy drugs that people thought they were getting. Brenda and the time find a man who is a drug rep selling discounted chemotherapy drugs which is actually legal. Dr. Brady was doing this because he would pass on the discount to his patients because he loved to help people. The other doctor, Dr. Parr, got the same discounted drugs but still charged full price for the drugs.

After an analysis of patients medical records, Brenda discovers that the chemotherapy drugs are actually just saltwater. The doctor that is still alive is completely shocked by this that this man has made millions by selling fake chemo drugs. Wally Sanders is this guy’s name and he claims that he did it because he wanted the people to die peacefully. After some more investigation, Brenda learns that this case spreads throughout California and could involve hundreds of patients that have not been receiving proper Chemo treatment.

This whole case is very emotional for Brenda because of her father’s condition. Even though the surviving doctor of the cancer practice is greedy for money, he is a very good doctor and he specializes in head and throat cancer. She asks him if she and her father could see him tomorrow to examine Clay. Clay and Willy Ray will be coming into California that night. When the episode ends, we see Brenda very upset over her father which is completely normal but it is very surprising to see Brenda’s raw emotions like that. We are used to seeing Brenda extremely intense and we don’t see this side of her much. I have always said I am just like her and this way is no different. I can be very intense but you rarely see my raw emotions.

So, it is time for my weekly poll of Captain Raydor! This week, I wasn’t feeling the love to much. I still feel like Raydor has Brenda’s back but we I think we are starting to see that transition into the new show, Major Crimes. I also think Raydor is getting very close to the leak.

Favorite Moments:

-“Don’t worry, they’ll be open next Sunday too.”-Provenza to Gabriel when his pulled away from church to a murder scene.

-“Thank you, thank you so much.”-A classic Brenda quote from her to Gabriel.

-“Oh Doctor, discretion is my specialty-Brenda to Dr. Parr when he complains about Brenda’s request to view medical records.

-“I’m not looking for a decent human being, I’m looking for a great doctor and you’re it.”-Brenda to Dr. Parr when she wants Clay to be seen by him the next day.

-When Brenda meets Gabriel’s new girlfriend.

-When Gabriel and Raydor talk about relationships including her own failed marriage.

So, what did you think!? What did you think of all the emotions Brenda showed this week? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.


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