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The Crazy Ones – Recap & Review – The Spectacular

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Crazy Ones
The Spectacular

Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

So the premiere of The Crazy Ones was the most popular new show of the season. Take that, critics. Of course, now that I said that, the ratings we’ll probably plunge. But if you need a reason to watch tonight, I have one word: ducklings.

The gang is shooting a commercial with “Fabio” (actually Tom) and “Tamiko” (actually Carly) First Simon gets rid of the male model. Then the female model. Before long, he and Zack are dancing with eachother while everyone else tries to comprehend them.

Later, Simon gives Zack a jacket from the shoot, pushing Andrew to feel left out. Simon, meanwhile, has decided to raise a bunch of ducklings for free, much to Sidney’s disapproval. Later, the boys make a presentation for Crest during which Andrew proves it is possible to flip poster boards sarcastically. Zack does his best to stick up for him, but Simon only provides a meager effort.

Sidney, Simon, and Lauren have a meeting with several executives from a coffee company. He ends up promising them biggest campaign “in the history of American advertising” (totally better than “ever”), a scheme called “The Spectacular”. The problem is, much of the responsibility is going to fall on his daughter’s shoulders. She tries to confront him over the issue, but he’s too occupied with ducklings.

Zack and Simon debate how they can make Andrew feel more involved. They eventually decide to have him help with the ducklings- mostly because Zack doesn’t want to. After Sidney tells them how Andrew helped with a campaign, Simon manages to bond with him over the ducklings. And by “bond” I mean there’s a music montage. The ducklings follow them around the office and everything is ridiculously adorable.

Windy City Coffee’s campaign opens the next day with a giant pot that pours into a cup over the city of Chicago. Everyone is gathered (including Andrew with one of the ducklings), and they’re all thrilled with Sidney’s idea. There’s only one problem. The Windy City is, well, windy. Soon, hot coffee is splattering like rain on the gathered spectators. A mass panic ensues.

The press seizes on this incident while Andrew pushes Zack on his feelings on Simon bonding with him. These two have an odd friendship. I like it. Anyway, Simon shares a story with all of them about a time he almost ended the world with Pop Rocks. That’s only a slight exaggeration. I do feel bad for Sidney, but the press coverage is kind of hilarious. More importantly, it gives her an idea.

A new, horror movie themed, commercial meets high approval and a crowd gathers for the release of the ducklings into a newly refurbished lake habitat. But they think Andrew is their mother and won’t leave him. So he swims into the lake fully clothed. The others are amused, but I have a feeling it won’t be long before they find themselves in similar positions. Look who they work for, after all.

Next Week: Bad Dad

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