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The Flash – Flash Facts – “King Shark”

photo: the cw
photo: the cw
The Flash
“King Shark”

Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2016

Ryan O – Associate Editor

The title of the episode is “King Shark” and the title is not leading you astray. We get King Shark and we get plenty of him. We get him running around, we get him swimming, we get him peeking in on the West household just to say “Hi! Can The Flash come out and play and/or get eaten?”

Jesse Martin continues to shine as Joe West. Those heartfelt father-son moments he has with Barry? He had a great one with Wally. It’s good to see that relationship grow.

Cool Stuff

  1. Shh! Nobody say anything about Earth-2! Harry advises Cisco and Barry not to say anything about what happened to people’s Earth-2 versions because it could steer people in directions their lives might not have gone in otherwise. Barry and Cisco agree. And then, later, they tell people anyway. Cisco tells Caitlin, who is deeply grieving Jay’s death, that he’s worried she’ll turn into Killer Frost. She assures him she won’t. Barry tells Joe and Iris about their Earth-2 lives of being a (dead) lounge singer and a married cop.
  2. Landshark! Killer Shark breaks out of the aquarium (!) where he was being held by Argus. Diggle and Lyla from Arrow show up to capture him. Killer Shark eats a few Argus agents and disappears.
  3. Wally loves his foster brother? Maybe? Wally stops by the West home to get help with an engineering project from Barry. Barry initially points out some places where Wally could make improvements and Wally doesn’t take it very well.
  4. Candygram! (Kids, ask your parents.) King Shark rips the roof off the front of the Wests’ looking for The Flash. Everyone runs upstairs, which WHAT?! Running upstairs when a huge shark is ripping through the roof? That doesn’t seem smart. Anyway, Barry zips around, the two fight, and King Shark smacks him and runs off. Later, the two battle out on the water. Barry runs circles on the water, electrifying it and zapping King Shark.
  5. Speech! Speech! Barry gives a speech about not giving up and beating Zoom and whatnot. Oh, this is as good a place as any to mention that Jesse, Harry’s daughter, is super-smart. I’m predicting right now that she and Wally will end up gaining super-speed in the same incident and it will involve a mathematical formula, most likely: (3X2(9YZ)4A)
  6. Oh! RIGHT! THAT! Yeah, so Zoom’s identity has been revealed! Possibly! With Jay of Earth-2 plopped on the ground in front of him, Zoom pulls back his mask to reveal … Jay. Huh. It could be Hunter Zolomon, Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger, the one he pointed out to Caitlin as being harmless.

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