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The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Crash

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Good Wife

Original Air Date: Oct. 20, 2009

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

OK, before I get to this week’s episode, I have to get something off my chest first. When a show ends with a cliffhanger, that cliffhanger needs to be addressed on the next episode, right? Are you all with me on this one?

Last week, Peter’s lawyer turned to Alicia and asked her to testify on Peter’s behalf and before we heard the answer, the screen went black. Now, that’s a cliffhanger to me. So I have every right to be miffed that this week’s episode had nothing to do with that, right?

OK, now that I’ve aired my grievance, let’s get on with recapping and reviewing “Crash,” in which Alicia and Will have to prove that a train company overworked three train engineers, which led to a major crash. The train company is saying the engineers caused the crash while Alicia and Will represent the engineers’ widows.

As we join the action, it appears that the suit is just about to go to trial. Then Alicia’s attention to detail gets them an extra 72 hours of discovery after she finds two different versions of the same memo, only one has three more names that have been CCed. So the firm has to depose these three additional company employees in three days.

The case itself isn’t that interesting until Alicia discovers that one of these three people, Rose, heard a company employee say the train crashed because of a problem with the equipment. But making Rose testify will break up her family because she was having an affair at the time. Will Alicia essentially do to someone else what happened to her, even though it’s her duty to the clients?

Alicia’s choice surprised me — she makes Rose testify after all. In some characters, this would be construed as hard-nosed or mean, but we see Alicia struggle with the issue and weigh it against the needs of the three widows. I sure wouldn’t have wanted to make the choice.

I loved, loved, loved the new character of Patty Nyholm, a high-powered, game-playing and pregnant attorney representing the train company, played by the wonderful Martha Plimpton. This witty character is a blast and so different from the dowdy characters Plimpton usually plays (most recently as a cancer victim on Medium). I sure hope we see more of Patty.

Kalinda also has a fun subplot this week. Diane asks her to check out a possible new partner for the firm, but it turns out that the assignment is really finding out if the candidate is good boyfriend material. Kalinda nicely turns this into a raise for herself after getting the best line of the episode: “Diane has a boyfriend!”

And then the show ends with a new cliffhanger. Alicia’s mother-in-law, Jackie has been distressed with her long hours and is suspicious of Alicia’s relationship with Will, something she conveys to Peter when Jackie brings the kids to visit him on his birthday (which Alicia strictly forbid, therefore increasing their power struggle). Peter then asks Alicia when she visits if she still loves him. Fade to black.

What — another cliffhanger? Do you think she still does love him? Or should she give up on him? Give us your Two Cents…

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