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The Good Wife – Recap & Review – KSR

photo; cbs
photo; cbs
The Good Wife

Original Air Date: Dec 13, 2015

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

There’s a point where you should stop confessing, but Eli Gould obviously doesn’t know that. And that may add up to the biggest twist this season on The Good Wife.

Alicia and Lucca have a very interesting case defending a pediatric surgeon who is tops in his field, but also frequents where he fantasizes about kidnapping, sedating and raping women (KSR). At what point is fantasy punishable if the culprit never acts on it? It’s an interesting point.

Even more interesting is Alicia’s interplay with the judge, the same judge who was in bail court and whom she stopped from taking a bribe. It’s also debatable whether that played into the judge-directed verdict on this case.

Meanwhile, at Lockhart, Agos and Lee, all the associates have quit in the middle of a big case for Mr. Dipple, leaving the firm without the time to meet a deposition deadline. They quickly go mia culpa with Monica, the black woman they didn’t hire over the white Ivy League candidates and she really proves useful. Still, the sting of being betrayed is too much for Cary, who finds a great way for payback by rehiring the associates, telling them the firm’s strategy, then firing them – all so they can’t go work for Louis Canning, who is repping the other side.

Hey, what happened to Cary and Lucca? We never saw what happened on their date and if they’re still seeing each other. We want details!!

Alicia is mad at Eli because Courtney Paige hires sexy Jason away for two months in California, obviously a plan to keep them apart. But Eli knows it was Ruth who engineered the plan. Then things get worse for Eli when Courtney decides to return to California, breaking off what she considers a fling. Poor heartbroken Eli.

Don’t feel sorry for him for long. In seeking comfort from Alicia and her finger margaritas, he finally confesses that he had deleted a voicemail from Will Gardner where Will professed his love. And then Alicia turns into an ice cube and orders him out. Forever.

Do you blame Alicia? She really loved Will and any chance she had to be with him is gone because he’s dead. Having that chance taken away from her has to be soul crushing.

Do you think Eli and Alicia can ever work together again? (Remember Kalinda before you answer.) Will Monica be an asset or hindrance at the firm? What are the odds of a Jason-Alicia tryst now? Give us your TwoCents…

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