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The Good Wife– Recap & Review – Two Courts

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The Good Wife
Two Courts

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2011

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

I have to say that I was a bit confused by this episode. It seemed so much about the political shenanigans of the characters that the ending felt like a severe case of whiplash — that’s how much the court verdict came out of the blue.

We start by meeting jury consultant Medina, whose only ability is to read the jury’s “micro-expressions,” whatever those are — and we hear a lot about them throughout the hour. Amazingly, he gets $60,000 A WEEK! But the client is wealthy, so they sign Medina up for two weeks.

Kalinda is aghast but even more upset when Blake announces that he’s her supervisor. Now, you don’t think that our Kalinda is going to stand for that, do you? She goes to Will and asks for a $50,000 raise and for Blake to back off, using the example of Medina’s salary to leverage the deal. Then she lets it leak that Blake has been investigating the partners and the associates. More on that later.

Alicia is lead council for Scott Bauer, who is accused of killing his father. Trouble is that Scott is an internet spam distributor and likes to dress up as a Nazi, all of which doesn’t endear him to the jury. Adding to that minefield, Will fouls one of the judges he plays basketball with and that judge is presiding over the case. Suddenly this judge is giving the prosecution everything they ask for, but claims he’s not being partial. Yeah, right!

So Will and Alicia decide to use this against the judge, using basketball terms in court, which makes the judge more biased against them — so much so that the jury sees this. They’re hoping the jury’s sympathy will help the case. Medina is also trying to help, suggesting strategies based on his interpretations. The firm, LGB, feels confident that they’ve won until the jury swings the opposite way. Alicia stops the lead jury member to ask why and he responds that, “he did it.”

But we were never given any real evidence that Scott was really guilty. So this information seems to come completely out of left field — like a left field two counties over.

Meanwhile Diane is continuing to plan her escape from LGB and offers Cary a deal. If he goes with her she’ll put him on the partner track. He doesn’t commit. Bond pulls Will aside and says he’s bringing in a heavy-hitter client in two months and so Diane has to stay put two months. Inside, with the knowledge that Bond has asked for the partners to be investigated, Will tells Diane everything and suggests they unite against Bond.

When Diane returns to Cary, he demands a higher salary than Alicia and a higher place in the firm. Diane has to tell him the new firm is off — for now.

Eli Gold is fighting a take over as well. Jackie, Peter’s mother, has brought in political consultant Adam Boras so she can get more involved in the campaign. Seems she thinks Eli is cutting her out. So Eli, with some advice from Alicia, invites Jackie to have a big place at the table — all so Peter, the only one Jackie will take orders from, will tell her to back off and to back Eli. Nicely played.

Still waiting for a few issues to drop, such as Grace and her new found faith and Zach’s toxic relationship with Becca. But as those aren’t political shenanigans, they have to wait for another episode.

Did you feel cheated on the procedural this week? Do you think Will and Diane can outsmart and out play Bond? Will Alicia ever tell Will she didn’t get his second phone call, which she almost did this eppie? Give us your TwoCents…

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