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The Jeff Dunham Show – Recap & Review – Episode 2

photo: comedy central

The Jeff Dunham Show
Episode 2

Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2009

Brittany Frederick – Staff Writer

In the second week of Jeff Dunham’s new series, we open with a funeral. Turns out Achmed is seven years dead today, and wants to celebrate by planning his own funeral. How that works when he’s already dead, I have no idea.

He goes down to pick out his own casket and all sorts of related things. Of course, he wants this to be a Big Deal – bigger than Michael Jackson’s funeral. He’s disheartened when he realizes all he can afford with his fifty bucks is a dog casket (but at least it fits). He’s also introduced to the young assistant at the funeral home, whom he keeps checking out and decides he’s madly in love with. However, at his fake funeral, his plans to propose are interrupted by his strange French counterpart, who also wants to go out with her. French Achmed – complete with beret and bad accent which neccesitates subtitles – steals the girl, leaving Achmed heartbroken and alone with Jeff in the church. Jeff agrees to be his pallbearer, only to accidentally run his casket into a pew on the way out. A hilarious sketch from start to finish.

Achmed (to Jeff): You pallbear like a girl.

Peanut arrives with the news that he’s been made producer on the show, and as such, he’s now in charge of coming up with segments. Because this is Peanut, you can guess that these will be as pain-inflicting as possible.

Walter is subjected to “Walter’s Awkward Interview with a Rock Band,” in which he has to talk to Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. Understandably he doesn’t have the first clue about what they do, confusing them with NFL analyst John Madden and calling them an “elbow band”. Later he starts going into synonyms for breasts. I had no idea there were that many of them. They appear entertained by his ignorance. “Don’t old people, most of them, wake up at six in the morning for no reason?” one of the Madden brothers says glibly. By the end of the interview, Walter looks like a wannabe gang member.

Peanut: After the interview, they all got tattoos together and prank called the Jonas Brothers.

Next up is Bubba J, who says he ran into Walter at the hospital. Walter’s there for his yearly checkup. Already he’s on edge because he’s being seen by a female doctor. He badgers her for awhile, then tells her Chuck Norris is his emergency contact.

Dr. Hsu: How many sexual partners have you had in the past year?
Walter: Counting my wife? That’d be none.

Of course, this is rife for hilarity. While Walter’s changing into the surgical gown for the exam (complete with pixelated anatomy), Jeff walks in, looking for the bathroom. He is understandably horrified: “Is that a Brazilian wax?”

After the doctor’s appointment, Jeff swears he won’t tell anyone about seeing Walter naked, but then Walter’s iPhone rings with Bubba J asking if he really does have a small particular part of the male anatomy. Walter claims he got Bubba J back for that one: “I had his house towed.”

We close with “Achmed the Dead Terrorist Mistakes Members of a Religious Group For A Fruit Drink.” It’s pretty much just what it says on the can, folks.

Overall, this was a much stronger episode than the pilot, and had me laughing out loud a lot more than before. The Achmed sketch was hilarious and I wonder what will become of French Achmed. Interestingly, this is actually production numbered as episode six, yet ran as episode two – I think it shows that Jeff is settling into the format and pace of a sketch series, and after doing six episodes, he now works better within the half-hour. Honestly, though, I do have one question: where’s Jose Jalapeno on a Stick?

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