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The Last Ship – Recap & Review – In The Dark

The Last Ship
In The Dark

Original Air Date: Jul 24, 2016

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

Tonight, we continue to try to uncover the mystery behind why the cure did not work in Japan. We also get a brief naval maneuvering thrill as the Chinese try to find and destroy the Nathan James and we get a medical scene that is pretty emotional.

The episode starts with Fleet Command still trying to get a response from the Nathan James, which remains in radio silence so that the pursuing Chinese warship cannot spot them.

Chandler relinquishes command of the Nathan James back to Captain Slattery.

Doc Rios reports that both Takehaya and his wife Kyoko have the virus and also the cure in their bloodstream. However, for some mysterious reason, the cure is just not working.

The Nathan James soon detects her pursuer. Surprisingly, the James isn’t being pursued by just one Chinese warship, but all four Chinese warships that remain in the Chinese Navy’s southern fleet. Luckily, they have not detected the James yet. It is nighttime, so the ship “goes dark” and the pursuers cannot see them. The James manages to hide itself behind an island and the angles block Chinese navigational radar.

Chandler and Slattery meet with Takehaya. They give him a dose of blood transfusion even though he was responsible for the kidnapping and torture of Slattery and his crew earlier. They wonder whether the cure give by the Americans was tampered with. The Americans had worked with local partners to distribute the cure. Takehaya strongly insists that it was not tampered with by the local partner, since Takehaya himself was the local partner. Takehaya feels responsible for Japanese deaths and took it upon himself to exact revenge against the Americans for the “fake” cure.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis, a reporter faked being an attorney and spoke with Dr. Scott’s murderer. The reporter gets the background story about President Michener having been part of the Immune Army after he accidentally infected the “safe zone” in Florida when he ordered his son transported to Florida from an infected area of Michigan. Michener abused his power a cabinet Secretary to break quarantine rules. The reporter also calls into question Michener’s state of mind when he was sworn in as the new President of the United States.

Back to the South China Sea, Chandler and his senior officers are brainstorming about why the cure failed in Japan. Sasha wonders whether Dr. Scott was wrong about the virus not being capable of mutating. There doesn’t seem to be any alternative explanation.

Suddenly, the James is surrounded by two Chinese warships, one on each side. They anxiously listen to Chinese radio calls asking for a “report.” One ship identifies itself as ship #172 and requests a report. The second ship identifies itself as ship #87 and requests a report. After several seconds, they realize that each of the Chinese warships is too far from each other to detect or communicate with each other, but sees the Nathan James and has misidentified the James as their sister Chinese warship.

Chandler considers some type of subterfuge and to pretend be the “other” Chinese warship to each and use Sasha since she is the only person onboard that speaks Chinese. However, the James is in range of both ships, and so both ships would hear the impersonation. Chandler decides to simply create static for the Chinese warships to hear. (pictured above).

In an lucky coincidence (!!!), the James manages to sail in between two tiny islands, come to an all stop and hide as the two Chinese warships closed in. As the James stayed hidden, the two Chinese warships got closer to each other and acquires radar contact with each other, but they think they’ve been in contact all along when they were in contact with the James earlier. Chinese warships 172 and 87 make radio contact with each other and continue to sail southward, away from the James, continuing their search.

Michener makes an on-air apology to the American people about his behavior previously as HUD Secretary that may have spread the virus to Florida.

Kyoko’s heartbeat plummets for some reason and the baby goes into distress. Rios has to perform surgery to save the baby. Rios tells Sasha to get an medically trained person to help, but the closest Sasha can find is Lieutenant Green, who has some very limited battlefield combat emergency medic training. They manage to successfully save both the mother and baby. Green seems to have an emotional moment as he helps deliver the baby, since he missed his own baby being born in St. Louis.

Chandler asks Takehaya for permission to give his newborn son the cure and Takehaya agrees.

As soon as the sun rises, the Chinese will be able to visually see the Nathan James. The James has to take on all four ships near simultaneously. They’ll have no more than 10 seconds to target and destroy each enemy ship.

Takehaya comes to Chandler with a better plan. Takehaya points a path on the map and says it is the safest way out of the island group. Soon, all four Chinese warships are chasing. Takehaya maneuvers the James through a minefield which he placed. The James makes it through the minefield. Just as the Chinese warships sail close enough to launch a missiles against the James, a Chinese warship hits a mine. The remaining three Chinese warships divert.

Chandler tells Takehaya that his newborn son shows no sign of the virus. But they still need to figure out what happened to the cure doses that went to Japan. Chandler asks Takehaya whether he was working with Chinese President Peng. Takehaya says no. He got the intel about Slattery and his officers’ visit to Vietnam from a Chinese smuggler named Wu Ming. Chandler knows Wu Ming as the person in Shanzhai who has Chandler’s “Top Gun” watch.

In a sad last scene, Kara tries to speak with President Michener but finds that he has killed himself.

So, does anyone thing that Chandler will eventually find himself as the President of the United States? I mean, even though he seemed to not even accept the rank of Admiral, I can see his sense of duty compelling him to the presidency if he thought it was necessary to “save the nation.”

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