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The Middle – Recap & Review – Leap Year

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The Middle
Leap Year

Original Air Date: Feb 29, 2012

Will – Associate Staff Writer

In this episode, we learn a big secret from Mike that pleasantly surprised me and shocked the rest of the Hecks. Anyway, it is getting close to leap day and Sue’s birthday falls on this day. She has asked Frankie to give her a surprise party. I know, sounds backwards? Anyway, Frankie said that this leap year will be simple because she got the Justin Bieber tickets not to long ago. Sue gives Frankie an eye wink, thinking she is still getting a big party when she isn’t.

We also have Axl who is beyond bored because it is between sports seasons and all he is doing is lying around the house. He resorts to vacuuming! Throughout the whole episode, all did was vacuum and started to act like a mother. He did not like when Frankie was dropping crumbs on his freshly vacuumed carpet.

Now we turn to Brick! Brick is just so awesome every week and this week doesn’t disappoint. A new girl (the only girl) has been added to Brick’s social skills class and all of the boys are in love with her. At first she seems perfectly normal and Brick and Frankie worry that it was just a clerical error but we soon find out that she is a biter.

Just when Brick starts to get attached to this girl, the school cuts the social skills class because of budget cuts. The boys decide to have a car wash fundraiser to raise the money to pay for the janitor to keep the building open late for the class. This turns into Frankie doing all of the work and the cars come out even dirtier than they were before.

Now we learn about the big secret Mike has! We learn that Mike has been keeping a cat at the quarry for seven years. We always see Mike as the tough guy and he tries to stay that way but when the cat gets sick, Mike takes him to the vet but that cat died in his arms a few days later. It was very sad but Mike was trying to keep his feelings in and Frankie was trying to get some emotion out of him.

Now we turn to Sue and this was a funny and sad moment at the same time. Because of all of the cat business, Frankie forgets to even put on a simple party for Sue and she spends all day waiting for a big surprise party. Frankie wakes up during the night and realizes they have forgotten her birthday. So she rounds Mike and the kids up and they have a birthday party for Sue at 4 in the morning. It turned out that she thought this was part of the surprise and she loved it to Frankie’s relief.

So, what did you think? Are you surprised of Mike’s secrets? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your two cents.

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