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The Middle – Recap & Review – Super Sunday

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The Middle
Super Sunday

Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2011

Will – Sr. Reviewer

As I say every week, this show is so good! When I watch this show I laugh so much and I think many of us can relate to what happens in this show every week. To me it is a good 30 minute stress reliever because to me it is healthy to have a good laugh sometimes and this is what this show does for you.

It is Super Bowl Sunday in the Heck household. Brad asks Sue for some Sunday square dancing thing.  Sue thinks that there is a spark between her and Brad when it is obvious that he is gay. Let me just say that Sue is a total nerd and is oblivious to everything. Meanwhile Frankie is surprised when her boss asks her to go to a management seminar. She thinks she is moving up in her job but she doesn’t know the whole story.

Brick, in the meantime wants to hang out with the guys and asks Mike for help. Of course Mike, being a man says that you can talk to any man if you know about sports. So Brick, being the nerd that he his dives into all of the books to learn the history of football. We all know that this is going to turn out great! As the show goes on, Sue is trying her best train for the Sunday Square Dancing with the Stars competition but she just doesn’t have it. Brick learns all this stuff about football and this impresses Mike, so he starts talking to Brick a lot more which confuses Axl. Axl has always been known as the sports minded son but he is jealous of Brick.

Meanwhile, Frankie gets the shock of her life when her boss pulls up in a RV to pick her up for the so-called seminar. Once they are on the road she learns that he has a Colonoscopy and he needs someone to drive him. Only Frankie would get into a situation like this. You can tell Frankie is sad over the whole situation but at the same time it is so funny! Anyway they get to the hospital and since he has been eating after 12 hours before the surgery, it has to be rescheduled to tomorrow morning. In the end, the colonoscopy was completed and Frankie got a bump from 5 to 9% in commission to keep quiet about this whole thing. She had said she quit but that bump in commission changed her mind.

Well here it is, Super bowl Sunday has arrived and The Square Dancing with the Stars competition! (I know, I know, please try to hold your excitement) As with any event in the Heck household, it pretty much backfires. In this episode, we see Brick a lot more than we usually do and he talks a lot more to. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. Apparently not because he talks so much about sports that he drives all of the guys that Mike invites over away. Mike basically says that he is to smart for sports. In the meantime, Sue makes another joke of herself as she always does in every episode. Brad gets nervous and freezes on the dance floor and Sue takes over and let me just say that it wasn’t pretty.

Well there you have it, another great episode of the Heck family. I know I say this every week but this show is so down to earth and normal just like any American family. What did you think of how Frankie handled herself or Sue and Brad? Leave me a comment. Give me your two cents.

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