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The Muppets – Recap & Review – Too Hot to Handler

photo: abc
photo: abc

The Muppets
Too Hot to Handler

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2015

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

Romance is alive and well on The Muppets this week, with a dash of suspicion thrown in for good measure. A delightful recipe, it turns out.

Chelsea Handler is the guest on Miss Piggy’s show and Scooter is in love. But what chance does he have with a TV/movie star? Turns out, a good one shockingly.

Chelsea talks about wanting to date a kind and sweet nerd. What do you know —Scooter fits the bill. He gets the nerve to ask her out and they have a lovely dinner until Chelsea goes too far and KISSES him. Scooter is aghast! He calls it off, but Chelsea gets him to accept a friendship that could develop. Good luck with that Handler. You should have asked his mother first.

Fozzie is thinking of asking his girlfriend Becky to move in with him and Kermit isn’t sure it’s a good idea. So Fozzie invites Kermit and Denise to double date at a trivia bar to see how good she is at trivia. When Kermit catches Becky cheating (and she has some excuse, but who really believes her?) he tries to stay silent for the sake of his friendship. But frogs will be frogs and he finally blurts it out.

Screaming ensues, but the two friends eventually make up with Kermit agreeing not to parent Fozzie so much (sure…). And Fozzie ends up not giving Becky his apartment key.

Other plots:

  • Bobo becomes a comforter, giving Kermit hugs (I want one too!).


  • The band decides that Kermit has been replaced by a robot and tries to trap him with a plate of cookies marked for robots only. Kermit bypasses the treat, but not Animal. Is Animal a robot? That would explain a few things…


Will Kermit stop parenting Fozzie? Was Becky cheating? (Hell yes!) Will Animal need an upgrade someday? Give us your TwoCents…

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