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The New Adventures of Old Christine – Recap & Review – Doctor Little Man

photo: cbs
photo: cbs

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Doctor Little Man

Original Air Date: Oct 21, 2009

Caitlin – Senior Reviewer

Tonight, Erik McCormack guest stars! He’s playing a therapist who is Matthew’s mentor and becomes Christine’s…well, he’s supposed to be her therapist, but take a wild guess at how well that goes, and you basically have the plot of the episode.

Christine comes into Matthew’s office and starts answering his phone calls. Apparently, she’s quite good at it and he needs a secretary, so they’re going to work together. Richard finds this weird, but he doesn’t have much room to talk seeing as how he’s living with New Christine and demanding to know everything about the date she has- at their sushi restaurant, even.

Okay, so that thing about Christine being a good secretary? Turns out she got three of Matthew’s patients to cancel their appointments. He’s mad that she’s doing something she’s not qualified to do and she’s…upset that he’s mad, apparently. They start fighting, he fires her, and she screams at his door. This gets the attention of Max, the therapist next door. Christine slowly breaks down in front of him, and he offers to come back later so they can talk.

Matthew, being a doormat, comes out and apologizes to Christine. However, he gets in a much worse mood when she tells him about her date with Max. Apparently, Max is his mentor and he won’t stand for this. Christine torments him and drives him away and then falls asleep waiting in his office for Max to arrive. When he does, he asks her to sit down on the couch and get ready. For therapy, that is. Christine recovers from her humiliation long enough to go totally over the deep end about Matthew. However, she’s still attracted to him, and this does not bode well for Max’s resistance.

New Christine arrives home from her date to find Richard up waiting for her. Turns out her night went horribly, though probably not as bad as his. She has to sleep with someone. This leads to quite the dilemma for about five seconds.. Christine goes home and apologizes to Matthew. He’s not having any of it at first, but then is stunned by the fact she’s going to therapy. So is Richard, who announces he’s back together with New Christine. Old Christine and Max meet up again, and this time he’s the one who wants to do more than talk. Richard goes home to New Christine, but it turns out she saw the sex as just sex. He decides to move out. Also, Christine and Max’s date goes down the toilet- because let’s face it, she really does need help.

What Old Christine Taught Me This Week:
1. Christine is going to ruin Matthew’s career.
2. 30-year old diet pills get you high fast
3. Max is probably not a good therapist
4. Richard thinks sex saves relationships.
5. In part because he can get his pants off so fast.

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