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The Office Conference Room – Michael’s Last Dundies

Welcome back to another meeting in The Office Conference Room, a forum where some of your favorite Office Fan Site Brain-Trusts submit their TwoCents in the days following a new Office episode.

Want to know what us Office geeks have to say about the show? Well look no further! Actually, you have to look a little further, as our opinions are farther down on this page…

And don’t forget that YOU, gentle reader, can join in on the fun as well! We have a Recap & Review of Michael’s Last Dundies right here on TheTwoCents where you can give your very own spare change!

Now… on to the Conference Room where you’re cordially invited to attend Michael’s Last Dundies!

[Last Updated: 04/22/11 at 10:08 AM] Rachel
Favorite Moment: Since I don’t have a cold stone for a heart, that song totally made me cry.
Favorite Quote: “I watch you when you’re sleeping.” -Creed
Episode Grade: A+

Favorite Moment: Can there be a moment that wasn’t the song? That was an all time greatest Office moment.
Favorite Quote: “OK, this is going to hurt like a mother…” -Michael
Episode Grade: A+

That’s What She Said Podcast: Kevin Crossman
Favorite Moment: Well, I guess when you cry like a little girl when you see people singing to their horrible boss who they happen to love anyway, who then cries himself, then I guess I should choose that moment.
Favorite Quote: “When Larry King died, they didn’t just cancel his show.” -Michael
Episode Grade: A+ Jeannette
Favorite Moment: I absolutely loved when the cast broke out into song for Michael. And when Ryan didn’t win a Dundie.
Favorite Quote: ” I’m so busted! Walk of shame.” -Meredith
Episode Grade: A
Bonus Link: TONS of info on Michael’s Last Dundies over at NettesLayouts!

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