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The Office – Recap & Review – Free Family Portrait Studio

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The Office
Free Family Portrait Studio

Original Air Date: May 10, 2012

Shannon – Associate Editor

Oscar attempts to film an “It Gets Better” video. It does not go well when everyone tries to jump in it. Robert ends up taking it over, and of course, he weirds it up talking about sex. Because that’s all he’s about apparently.

Dwight sets up a free family portrait studio in the break room for all the staff to use. Jim thinks this is payback for his latest prank which involved a breakaway velcro suit but it’s really just a way for Dwight to get close to Angela’s baby. He wants to get a DNA sample from the baby to get a paternity test. Dwight gets lucky when the baby makes a stinky. He steals the dirty diaper and hits the road. Angela chases him all the way to the lab. Dwight is going to wait in the lobby for the results in 72 hours. Angela waits with him and they end up making out.

Darryl is still into Val. He thinks she should break up with her boyfriend, Brandon and now he’s very vocal about it. Darryl finally mans and tells Val he’s into her, right in front of Brandon who is not pleased and makes a bunch of fat jokes. Later, she jumps in on Darryl’s photo session with his daughter. Val grabs Darryl’s hand.

Andy is staging a coup. He convinced David Wallace to buy back Dunder Mifflin and reinstating Andy as manager. Andy has this whole routine planned where he begs Nellie for a janitor job in the office. Then, when David shows up at 3 pm, he’s got a whole spiel written so that everyone will rejoice as Andy is put back into his old manager position. Andy is reeking of booze and mopping the carpet. That is not a euphemism. Erin thinks Andy should dial it back some and apparently everyone else is really worried about Andy. Worried enough that they call a meeting. Andy tells them about David Wallace and they believe he’s totally crazy until David shows up. He also informs them that Sabre is about to be liquidated. This is obviously not good news for Robert California.

Andy insists on making the whole coup moment about him, rattling off his corny little speech, and unzipping the dirty janitor costume to reveal a pretty hot suit. I never think about it because Andy’s character is so goofy but Ed Helms is actually really handsome. Anyway, the whole deal falls flat because David keeps talking business over it, as he should because the whole thing is stupid.

David funds Robert’s dream of seeking out and “educating” Eastern European gymnasts. Awesome. Good luck with that, Bob. Adios, Spader. Andy hires Nellie on as a special projects manager, whatever that means.

At the end, The Senator passes by Oscar at the coffee shop and wants to know why he hasn’t called. The Senator insists that Oscar call him while shooting him a pointed look. Looks like Oscar was right all along!

I really thought we were going to be able to get rid of Nellie, y’all. No such luck. Looks like Spader’s a goner. He should be seeking out his manager and shooting him for getting him this gig, though. Your thoughts? Leave em.

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