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The Office – Recap & Review – Goodbye Michael

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The Office
Goodbye Michael

Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2011

Rachel – Senior Managing Editor

Where does one go to acclimate to the altitude of Colorado? The roof of the Scranton Business Park, of course! Michael is sitting on the roof reminiscing when Dwight shows up with a nice plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not cool. Dwight is still bitter about being passed up for Michael’s job. Michael explains that it was not his job to give and then changes the subject… to bears. He asks Dwight how he can avoid them in Colorado. This makes Dwight feel a bit more needed, but it’s clear that Dwight is actually upset about Michael leaving. Like all of us.

Back inside, and in preparation for his departure the next day, Michael gives out parting nifty-gifties. He starts with Phyllis, giving her the chatty teeth from his desk, telling her that she needs to speak up more. To Stanley he gives his mini pool table (sans balls), also from his desk. Stanley is not impressed. To Andy, he bequeaths all of his clients. Andy flat-out states that he is the worst salesman and will promptly lose them all. But Michael has faith in him.

For Kevin, Michael rips up a caricature of him, telling Kevin to not be a caricature himself. To Angela his gives the gift of looking at photos of her boyfriend (and, apparently, his boyfriend). To Kelly he gives the gift of his absence. To Ryan he gives the St. Pauli’s Girl neon sign. To Toby he gives the gift of an actual conversation. To Oscar he gives a creepy monkey-looking scarecrow thing and laughs for five minutes alone in his office about it. Classic.

The Party Planning committee is hard at working planning the Goodbye Party for Michael the next day. Strangely, Michael tries to make the party not about him. What would everyone else like at the party? He says he wants the party to be enjoyed by all without any drama. Hmm… As the day goes on, Michael begins to realize what he is doing. He has a bit of a meltdown and calls Holly. Her voice alone calms him down and it’s obvious that she is The One. Michael then reveals that he is actually flying to Boulder at 4:00 tonight. Not tomorrow. No goodbyes.

In the two side stories, we learn more about the Crazy that is both Gabe and DeAngelo Vickers. Gabe spends the episode confronting people in the bathroom about his breakup with Erin. It’s pretty freaky. And DeAngelo? Well, we learn how he got the job from Jo: he saved her dog from a dog-napper. That’s it. He has no qualifications, no training, no sanity, really. That makes him the worst manager ever. He tries to help Andy with Michael’s clients, and totally blows it (Andy steps up and saves the sale, though, so it seems Michael’s faith in him was well founded). DeAngelo also seems to be relapsing in his food addiction. This is not going to be good.

Back to the gifts, Michael gives Dwight a Letter of Recommendation. Dwight tries to be all tough and act like he doesn’t care, that it doesn’t matter what Michael thinks of him, but as he reads the letter, he breaks down a bit. It is a really touching moment (and concludes with a round of paint ball). To Daryl he gives the unfinished manuscript of “Somehow I Manage” (and tries to get permission to use the baler). To Creed, Gabe, and Meredith he gives advice about not being afraid of dying. Umm… OK.

Jim figures it out. He knows Michael is leaving that night. If those were ‘acting’ tears by both parties, give them each an Emmy. The only missing piece of the goodbye puzzle is Pam. She had gone off to price paper shredders and catch a matinee of The Kings Speech. She’s going to miss saying goodbye!

Michael says goodbye to those in the office with a whole “see you tomorrow” vibe. As he heads to the airport, Pam arrives just missing him. Michael goes through security at the airport and asks the documentary film crew to let him know “if this ever airs.” He takes off his microphone and walks away into the terminal…

…when a barefoot Pam rushes up to him. Neither are mic’d so we don’t know what they say, but BOY it was a tear-jerker.

Goodbye Michael. We’ll miss you terribly.

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