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The Office – Recap & Review – Special Project

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The Office
Special Project

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2012

Shannon – Associate Editor

Pam is back after 8 weeks maternity leave. Everyone is kind of ragging on her for wanting more time when Angela sails in with treats. Angela gave birth less than a week prior and has her old figure back and still had time to bake brownies and cookies. That is just not right. Not right at all.

Andy got an email from corporate that gives Dwight a promotion. Dwight will be in charge of overseeing the opening of new Sabre stores in Tallahassee.

Andy and Jessica are still together to Erin’s chagrin.

Dwight’s first order of business is assembling a team to go to Florida for 3 weeks. Dwight wants to take all the essential people in the office. Andy lets him have Phyllis and Daryl but adds in Cathy, Kelly, and Kevin. Dwight is not pleased so he makes the list public. The ones that weren’t picked are angry, of course. Andy invites anyone who wants to go to Florida to come up with a statement to plead their case. They all audition for Dwight and Andy.

Robert California is expecting Jim in Florida so he adds himself to Dwight’s team. So the new team is Jim, Erin, Cathy, Stanley, Ryan. So pretty much everyone that Dwight didn’t want. He’s angry so he “preps” his team by assembling them in an overheated conference and invites anyone who doesn’t think they can hack it to ring a Taboo board game buzzer. No one does so he’s stuck with them.

Erin says she’s going to Florida but she’s not coming back. Aw, poor Erin.

Dwight holds a meeting with his team. They give him some great ideas and he ends up quite pleased with them. The team is packed up and heading to the airport.

We close on Cathy telling someone over the phone that she intends to sleep with Jim. Don’t you do it, Jim. Don’t you dare. Not with your wife at home with a toddler and a newborn. I swear if he does it I’ll never watch this show again. Your thoughts? Leave a comment!

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