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The Secret Circle – Recap & Review – Prom

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The Secret Circle

Original Air Date: May 3, 2012

Melanie – TwoCents Reviewer

With a final showdown between the Circle and Eben fast approaching, the Circle makes preparations to find the final crystal. And thanks to the Balcoin blood, which apparently has a special connection with them, Cassie and Diana can make easy work of that. Only now they have a former deceased Circle member to contend with for the crystal, as the animated-by-a-demon Nick seeks to stay alive.

Between him, the Witch Hunters, the rocky relationships in the Circle, the disagreement on Blackwell’s involvement and the many truths revealed this episode, their victory over Eben is anything but certain.

Blackwell makes a major miscalculation this episode as he guides the Circle to locating the last crystal necessary to form the Crystal Skull, the most powerful weapon in the world. It would be almost impossible for him to have realized the mistake he was making, for all the omnipotence he seems to have at times, as he shows Cassie how to use her Balcoin blood to attune with the crystal and let it guide her to it.

We all get a shock when we see her mother running down the hall, with the crystal, in search of Elizabeth, Diana’s mother. Only Cassie’s blood doesn’t seem strong enough and she brings in Diana to help, luring her with the idea of getting to see her mother, and setting up to take care of it the night of prom. It works, as the girls watch their mothers fight as Amelia warns Elizabeth to take her family and leave, not to go to the boat, while Elizabeth tells Amelia to stop telling her what to do.

Amelia moves on to speaking with Adam’s grandfather, a teacher at the school, and returning the crystal to him. He pushes her to reveal what is wrong, and Amelia shares that she’s fleeing with Cassie to escape Blackwell and that Ethan is turning him over to the Witch Hunters. She also shares that Blackwell used magic to ensure that all six girls associated with her Circle conceived near the same time, two of them with him. To build a Circle around his children for the future. Well that explains why all the high school girls had babies right around the same time, which I know many of us were wondering why they were all having kids at the same time but weren’t even out of high school yet.

Coming out of the little journey back in time, a distressed Diana leaves having blamed Cassie for making the same mistake her mother did and bringing Blackwell into their Circle. As the rest of the Circle comes, they realize Nick has been listening, and it’s a race to the crystal in the school.

This isn’t the first time he’s bothered them, having already encountered Melissa and Adam at the abandoned house. The debate surrounding whether he’s still Nick or not frustrated Melissa who insists he is and Jake who insists he’s not. After a struggle with Adam at the school, Nick makes off with the crystal with all but Diana in pursuit of him. It leads to a junk yard, where Nick offers the crystal to Eben in exchange for a demon, which will keep him alive. It’s then that Melissa realizes it’s not Nick, and not a moment too soon for shortly she’ll have to make the call to save Jake and Cassie by killing Nick herself.

Their victory in getting the crystal is short-lived as Blackwell, who had been fighting with Eben, reveals that Faye has been taken (though why she stayed behind when the others went after Nick doesn’t make sense. She has no solo magic, and she can’t do Circle magic with Blackwell, so basically she was helpless even though she was trying to help Blackwell), and they’ll need to assemble the crystal skull to get her back.

Diana, meanwhile, has come home to her father’s breakdown thanks to the wonderful magic of Blackwell. Seeking to use information he has about Charles to discredit him to Diana and therefore break her loyalty in search of some of it for himself, he’s glimmered Charles into believing he’s haunted by Amelia, even creating in his kitchen the circumstances of her death with the water and the fire.

Shaken, he begins mumbling to Diana about Amelia haunting him, and that she’s doing it because she’s dead and coming for him. Diana, distraught and shaken at the revelation that her father is a murderer (just like her biological father is), races out of yet another room and out into the night and Grant’s arms.

So are Blackwell’s motives as nasty as everyone believes? Will the Circle be able to take down Eben and break from Blackwell without losing more members? Do you think Grant really is just a nice guy, or is there a surprise waiting for us there? Do you think something romantic might be building between Melissa and Adam now? Will Diana’s emotional distress now cause her dark magic to show? I’ve shared my two cents, now show me yours!

Next Week: Family

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