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The Tudors – Recap & Review – Episode 1

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The Tudors

Episode 1

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2010

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer

We are here for the final season of one of my favorite shows- The Tudors. Last season we had an uprising the King had to deal with, an incoming invasion, and his beloved wife died in childibrth. Then he married Anne of Cleaves and that didn’t go well.

Catherine Howard becomes the King’s new playtoy, and Lord Cromwell is arrested and beheaded for treason. Let’s see what King Henry VIII has in store for us in his final season of The Tudors!

It seems we start out with one of the previous ambassadors (I think to Spain) in jail. Henry has secretly married Catherine Howard and he is to announce it to the public today. He goes to visit his Queen (??) and she’s sprawled out naked with rose petals in the bed. And I am a little turned on and we’re only 3 minutes into the show! 🙂 They seem quite smitten as they enter court together though she seems a bit quirky. On a side note, Thomas Boleyn has died and no one showed up at the funeral. And Catherine Howard is a ripe old 17-year old. I say good for King Henry. Rob that cradle! LOL.

Catherine Howard’s Uncle has a chat with Charles, one of the King’s few remaining friends, but Catherine’s Uncle seems hungry for ambition so we’ll see how that works out. Lady Mary goes to meet the new Queen and she’s not too friendly… probably because her Mom is not the queen anymore and because the new Queen is probably younger than she (Lady Mary) is. Catherine seems to want to be buddy-buddy but Lady Mary is having none of it and Catherine seems genuinely bummed out. Catherine’s old pal Joan comes to visit- she wants a place to stay and to be one of the Queen’s ladys. Catherine has no choice because apparently Joan has first-hand knowledge of Catherine sleeping around as a younger girl.

The King orders armed forces to Calais as a result of the impending French force that is coming. But he is distracted at his Military Advisory meeting. It seems Catherine is on his mind. Soon she is meeting the King’s other children. Young Elizabeth and younger Edward. A little earlier a page delivered a bunch of presents to Catherine. I think that he has a crush on the Queen. The convoy the King dispatched to France seems to have done the trick and now the French are eager to be pals again. They seem to change their minds a lot, though.

It’s confirmed that the page has a crush on the Queen… and I am thinking that it is only a matter of time before the Queen gets all kinky behind the King’s back. And she seems to have a special relationship with her friend, Joan. Hmm, in an odd turn of events, the page that likes the Queen seems to be pent up, so he and three of his page pals find a random housewife and rape her. That was unpleasant. Soon the husband shows up (alone) wanting to take the page in to the Sheriff and like an idiot he gets killed (stabbed in the back). What did he think was going to happen? Honorable, but stupid. Always go with your gang.

Catherine Howard’s Uncle goes to visit some chick… the chick that was sleeping with the pirate guy from last season (Sir Drake)… and she wants a little nookie. Man, this chick should probably not have gotten married. LOL. Henry returns home and Catherine is having a mud fight in a large puddle with her friends. He seems to be cheerier now that he has Catherine. And in that giving spirit he pardons five-hundred men he has been holding for treason. And then it rains (for the first time in an unusually hot summer in England) and Catherine is dancing in the rain while the page is staring at her with that creepy stalker gaze.

Remember, readers, this is the final season of The Tudors. It’s off to a good start. What say you?

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