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The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Wildfire

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The Walking Dead

Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2010

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

In the wake of the Walker attack, the living at camp are left with the grizzly task of disposing of the bodies. The Walkers, or Geeks as Glenn likes to call them, are burned, and the dead humans get a swift pick axe to the skull and a burial. Andrea, however, is having a problem letting go of her sister Amy. The campers let her have some time with the body.

And as if Jim’s last 24 hours couldn’t get any worse, he got a little love bite from a Walker and is slowly turning into one of them. With Jim’s sickness and the fact that Walkers are brazenly coming into camp, Rick feels like the only answer is to pull up stakes and head to the CDC compound outside of Atlanta. Shane, of course, disagrees and wants to go to Fort Benning in Texas.

After some back-and-forth about the best way to proceed (which even included a chance for Shane to outright kill his competition), the main part of the group decides to head to the CDC. One family decides to go it alone. I’m not sure who has the better chance of survival.

Andrea waited until Amy woke back up to apologize for not being the best big sister she could. Of course, Amy was a zombie at by then, but it was a sweet gesture nonetheless. Andrea then shot Amy in the head and buried her by herself.

The group packs up (complete with almost-zombie Jim) and heads out. The trip takes its toll on both the RV and Jim. He asks to be left behind because he knows the change is coming. They all say their goodbyes and move on.

Then shocker-of-all-shockers, we are introduced to a new character: Jenner. He IS the CDC. A lone man working on a cure for the outbreak in a vast bunker. As far as he knows, he is the only survivor. And as luck would have it, he loses all the tissue samples he had been working on in a freak automatic contamination protocol. Just when he’s about to decide whether or not to kill himself, Rick and company show up on his doorstep.

What do YOU think? Next week is the finale… how will it end? What will season two hold? Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

Next Week: The season finale TS-19

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