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The X Factor – Recap & Review – Giving Thanks

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The X Factor
Giving Thanks

Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2012

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Did you get a glimpse of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the X Factor audience? Did you notice that Britney has double the amount of contestants than everyone else? And did you get a tear in your eye from contestants dedicating songs to someone special?

Yes, it’s X Factor’s Thanksgiving week performances. Yet despite the holiday, two contestants will feel akin to the turkey in your oven when they get cut. That’s right, the show is pairing down to the Top 8.

TATE STEVENS: Thankful for his dad, “I’m Already There”
He doesn’t miss a note, but he’s almost a jukebox as he never deviates from the original. But it’s a very solid performance.

Britney said his performances are special and touching. Demi thought it wasn’t his best, but still incredible. Simon loved the song, but noticed his voice was breaking in places.

DIAMOND WHITE: Thankful for her mother, “Because You Loved Me”
This locks in her reputation as being a little Whitney Houston. It’s such a mature performance. Even the full gospel in back of her doesn’t overpower her. She knocked it right out of the park. LA, Demi and Britney gave her a standing ovation.

LA said they will be hearing her name for many, many years. A crying Demi was blown away. Simon called her fearless and incredible, and he believes every word of the lyric.

EMBLEM3: Thankful for their youth leaders, “Secrets”
It’s not as polished of performance as in the past, but it’s so nice to hear the blend of their voices. They give it their own feel, but it’s just OK.

LA thought their performance lacked emotion and wanted more. Britney liked the change of pace. Demi agreed about the pace, and thought they had more emotion than before.

ARIN RAY: Thankful for older brother, “Hero”
It’s pitchy and he’s struggling with breath control. His multi-colored leather jacket is too out there for him.

LA liked the song, but felt it was too big and tough for him. Demi said he needs to step it up and was bored, she would never sign him to a record label. Simon questioned the song, but didn’t blame Arin. Arin said he’d prefer to be himself, with upbeat songs and dancing.

CECE FREY: Thankful for her sister who died of CP as a kid, “Wind Beneath My Wings”
Oh my gosh – her pitch is just terrible. She’s just so painful to watch. What happened to the girl with great pitch and tons of confidence? Demi’s makeover seemed to spirit her away. And her sob story about her sister is tragic, so why do I feel as if I’m being manipulated by her, once again?

LA praised her emotion and said she has come a long way. Britney thought she was amazing. Simon hoped the public keeps her in the competition. (Did any of them actually listen to her?)

FIFTHHARMONY: Thankful for God, “I’ll Stand By You”
There are a few bad notes here and there, but overall they sound good. But I don’t think it’s as good as last week.

LA thought they were great. Britney thought it was touching and beautiful. Demi loved watching them together, wasn’t crazy about the song choice but they made it beautiful.

BEATRICE MILLER: Thankful for twin little sisters, “Chasing Cars”
It’s a good song choice for her and one of her best performances. But she had some pitch problems I’m not sure it’s enough. But the judges all point out how cute she is.

LA called her adorable and wanted to her to sing all the time. Demi thought she was cute, but not progressing. She’d like to hear something different and young. Simon saw that this song meant something to her and preferred this week’s performance this week.

VINO ALAN: Thankful for the military, “Proud to be an American”
He sure picked a topic that will endear him to a huge number of people, but like Cece, I feel a touch manipulated. Waving the flag is such an easy way to get votes and with his voice, he doesn’t need to do that. But he got four standing ovations, but is it for him or for the subject of the song?

Britney thought his first performance that was spot on. Demi admitted she’d been wrong about him and he has something special. Simon loved his sincerity and predicted he’d be No. 1 on the board.

PAIGE THOMAS: Thankful for her friend’s mother who took her in, “Everytime”
She looked beautiful and her voice sounded good in the bridge, but she was pitchy is several places and let the emotion break her down.

Britney said it was beautiful (it was her song). LA didn’t think it was enough to get her out of the bottom. Simon thought there were moments she sounded good, but think she doesn’t stack up to the other performances.

CARLY ROSE SONNENCLAIR: Thankful for her supportive brother, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
She starts off a cappella and sounds great. She’s every bit as good as a young Judy Garland. I actually choked up at the end. All the judges stood.

LA called her a force of nature with two big notes. Demi doesn’t believe she’s 13 but believes she’ll be around the music industry for life. Simon said it was one of the best versions of that song he’s ever heard and she’d just blown the competition away.

And what am I thankful for this week? That there no dancers – at all! A few of the light shows were overdone and we got several full gospel choirs, but is it possible X Factor is actually listening to viewers? Yes, that’s something to be thankful for.

SAFE: Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonnenclair, Tate Stevens
IN TROUBLE: Arin Ray, Cece Frey, Paige Thomas

It’s sad that two of the acts will be having a terrible Thanksgiving. For the rest of us, with bellies full of turkey, it will be dramatic TV.

Do you think the rankings will be different this week? Did anyone make you sniffle. Will you be taking time away from your holiday to watch the elimination? Give us your TwoCents…

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