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TheTwoCents Exclusive Set Visit – Law & Order

sisto, de la garza, anderson
Law & Order 20th Anniversary Media Event

Event Date: October 30, 2009

PG Ignacio – Associate Editor

On Friday, October 30, was invited to the set of Law & Order for a special 20th Anniversary Q&A session and set tour with members of the cast. Ten other web sites were in attendance for the event, which was also recorded by NBC for playback on When the video is available we will post a link, but for now I will give you a summary of our visit and some photos. I also had the chance to talk with the cast members who took part: Anthony Anderson (Detective Kevin Bernard), Alana De La Garza (A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa), and Jeremy Sisto (Detective Cyrus Lupo).

photo: thetwocents

When I first arrived to the set, I was very surprised at the small size of the courtroom. Having been to the Late Night studio when Conan O’Brien was there, I remembered that they used wide angle lenses to make the place look bigger. The members of the media sat in the jury box and I was lucky enough to get the foreman’s chair (the empty one, below).

the media in attendance

When the cast arrived they sat together in the center of the courtroom facing us in the jury box. It was a very casual Q&A session filled with a lot of laughter, a majority of which came from Anthony Anderson. Alana De La Garza was very sincere and Jeremy Sisto thoughtful and witty. After the Q&A we had an opportunity to get pictures with the cast. I was the first in line and as I approached them, Anthony Anderson says loudly to everyone, “Here comes Ignacio! This is Ignacio.” I was happy that he remembered my last name after about an hour of Q&A. De La Garza exclaimed, “Get in here for the picture!”

cast with pg ignacio

Then they took us on a very short tour of the set, mainly of the courthouse and Riker’s Island. The portion of the set that is the police headquarters was being used for filming. That pretty much concluded the event. I was one the few members of the media that requested individual time with the actors afterward.

de la garza and ignacio

TTC: Alana, how did you get your start as an actress?
Alana: Well, I was a preschool teacher in El Paso, Texas when I first started modeling. After I did a few commercials I told my mom that I felt like acting was something I really wanted to do. So, I moved to New York City and got my first television role in a soap opera.

TTC: Have you had a chance to act in movies and film?
Alana: My first experience was in a movie titled “Mr. Fix It.”

TTC: Which do you prefer, television or film?
Alana: I don’t have a preference. I really like what I’m doing now, but if an opportunity presented itself in film, and it fit me, I would love to do it. Acting in film is a nice change to television. In television, you’re the same character every episode, which is great. In the movies, you have the chance to play different characters.

TTC: What kind of movie would you prefer to do, drama or romantic comedy?
Alana: I would enjoy either one, but a romantic comedy would be really fun to do.

TTC: So, what are you top five favorite movies of all time?
Alana: Wow, that’s a tough one. I would have to say Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Never Ending Story, A Christmas Story, and Like Water for Chocolate.

TTC: How about television shows? Your favorites of all time.
Alana: Law & Order of course. Growing Pains, Who’s the Boss, Mork and Mindy, and definitely The Jeffersons. (breaking into song) “We’re movin’ on up to the East side…”

TTC: (laughing) That’s awesome, Alana. Thank you for your time today.
Alana: Thank you for joining us today!

sisto, anderson, ignacio

TTC: Hey guys. I know you have to get back to the set, so I’ll make these quick. What was each of your favorites episodes since appearing on Law & Order?
Jeremy Sisto: My first episode as a detective. The episode before that I played an attorney.
Anthony Anderson: Definitely my first episode, taking over for Jesse Martin.

TTC: What would you guys say has been the most defining moment in your acting careers?
Sisto: Well, for me there were three points in my career that were transitions. When I did Clueless, then Six Feet Under, and now with Law & Order.
Anderson: I would have to say being cast in The Departed by Scorcese himself, then The Shield, and now with Law & Order.

TTC: Tell me your three favorite movies of all time.
Sisto: Deer Hunter, Dog Day Afternoon, and Sophie’s Choice.
Anderson: Breakfast Club, Last American Virgin, and Clueless.

TTC: How about each of your top three favorite television shows of all time?
Sisto: Three’s Company, M.A.S.H., and The Andy Griffith Show.
Anderson: The Greatest American Hero, Good Times, and M.A.S.H.

TTC: Those are great shows. Thank you both so much for your time today.
Sisto: Thank you for coming.
Anderson: Thanks, Ignacio!

It was a great day for to be included in this event with Law & Order. Thank you for taking the time to read today and following us on Twitter the day of the event. Catch Law & Order on Friday nights on NBC!

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