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This is Us – Quick Recap – The Most Disappointed Man

This is Us
The Most Disappointed Man

Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

This week’s episode focused mostly on the adult Pearsons and saw Kevin dig a deeper personal hole, Kate and Toby taking the next step, and Randall and Beth deal with challenges with Deja. In the past, we see the story of how Rebecca and Jack officially adopted Randall and William’s struggles.

In the present…

Kevin: Kevin has managed to get ahold of more pills and is on a path to a slow demise. Only Kate saw something by saying he seemed off when they siblings met (more of that later). Sophie also saw something when Kevin, after delaying a visit to his girlfriend, comes to her late in an effort to propose, but his mannerisms and actions make Sophie slam the door in his face. All is not looking good for Kevin.

Kate & Toby: Kate finally tells Kevin they are pregnant with cute t-shirts with arrows. Kevin only seems to be moderately excited, but I think it’s just because he’s in shock. The pair then prepare to tell Toby’s mom (wait, did they tell Randall yet??), but Toby’s mom is a little conservative and wasn’t very receptive to them moving in together. There’s some hesitation about what to do that momentarily leads the pair to just get married first. However, the process and thinking because it’ll be less messy leads to the pair realizing they want their families to be there. So Toby goes ahead and just tells his mom without Kate, but the hard part is over. Yay! Oh and Toby proposing with the t-shirts? Kind of adorable.

Randall & Beth: Deja has a scheduled meet with her mom in prison, but at the last minute, her mom cancels. Upset Randall goes solo to talk to her mother and instead gets told off by her and his intentions think she knows him, but he doesn’t. She says she canceled because she didn’t want her daughter to see her like she is (all beat up in the eye). Randall also realizes it may be a fight to keep Deja. Randall does encourage her to at least call her daughter, which she does end up doing.

In the past…

Jack and Rebecca are all ready to formally adopt Randall, but hit a snag when the judge set to hear their case tells them that Randall belongs with a black family because they won’t help him understand what it means to be black. The Pearsons are put off by it, but don’t let it get to them. Instead, they take some family photos and then sends it to the judge with a nice note saying love makes a family. In the end, the judge recuses himself and another judge is charge, who lets the adoption go through.

At the same time, we also get a William flashback where he is arrested when he was younger and gets a judge who wonders why William is a first time offender. William says he’s a most disappointed man because he’s lost his family. The judge comes back later to say it’s him because of what he does. He asks William to look him in face when talks and to get back on track. William then sees his figure as he’s trying to get his life together. We also learn that on the day Randall went to visit his father for the first time (from the pilot), William was ready to end his life after learning about his cancer diagnosis and saw his counselor. Randall helped save his father’s life and that made me bawl.

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