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Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Snow Drifts / There’s No Place Like Home

photo: abc
photo: abc
Once Upon A Time
Snow Drifts / There’s No Place Like Home

Original Air Date: May 11, 2014

Jules – Senior News Editor

Lots of drama, tears and the unexpected in the season three two hour finale. So much to get through tonight that this post could go for ages. So…I’ll try to be as brief as possible as we relive some important moments of the past and are continued to be reminded of the fact that our choices have consequences, some that may very well change the future for everyone or at least the ones we care about.

So let’s get to what happened in this episode.

We learn that strange light portal thing at the end of last week’s episode is indeed a portal. But does it work? Before we get there, let’s just cover what else happens in Storybrooke.

Regina and Robin Hood are still doey eyed for another and share their stories of their first loves and how they never thought they would love again and yet here they are. In lieu of a coronation for their new son (no, not like Lion King Emma), David and Mary Margaret have a pot luck at Granny’s. There, Henry reminds us of the stories of Fairytale and Emma unknowingly lets everyone know that she doesn’t plan on staying in Storybrooke. Wanting to hide from the truth, Emma runs away with Hook on her heels. This is when the group notices the portal and go searching to find Zelena, who obviously is missing. Rumple changes the surveillance camera to show he had no part in it.

Hook and Emma see the portal too in the forest and conveniently get sucked in. Actually, Emma gets sucked in and Hook is holding on to the ground with his Hook, but since he’s still chasing Emma, he releases himself and follows her…where they land in Fairytale of the past.

So Zelena’s portal indeed works and yes, changing anything can change the future. All Emma and Hook want to do is get back to the future and no, there is no Marty McFly or Doc to help them. Armed with the fairytale book, Emma and Hook set on their journey.

First Emma must look the part. Hook rather likes it. First fairytale encounter Emma wants to save a woman Regina takes captive, but Hook reminds her not to change things. Yes, wise words we are going to be reminded of a lot in this episode.

Second encounter is Charming and Kathryn on their way to their new home, the time when Snow and Charming first meet, but Emma catches a glimpse of Snow, making her fall and not steal Charming’s ring. Big oops.

Emma and Hook question how to get into the Dark One’s castle to find a way back and change what happened when Rumple appears, tries to strangle Hook (remember their history), but Emma tells him about the curse he’s about to unleash and finding his son and Rumple stops.

Rumple’s curiosity into the future gets Hook and Emma to realize Snow seeks passage out of the land via boat. That’s Hook’s specialty. They need Snow to steal the ring, so we get to see two Hooks, Emma make out with the old one while future Hook urges Snow to steal the ring to get passage on his ship. Oh and future Hook totally knocks out his old drunk self and still no consequences.

Emma and Hook go to a ball! Instead of sitting and waiting for Snow to steal the ring, Rumple secures a way in for them and even transforms the two into appropriate ball attire. Rumple also tells them that he possesses a powerful wand that can recreate any magic that’s ever been wielded. So he works on that while Emma and Hook, or should I say Prince Charles and Princess Leia (love the names Emma!) attend the ball.

Things go from bad to worse from here. Evil Queen interrupts with her posse. Snow finds the ring, but is caught by Charming and Abigail and her big mouth. Snow gets away, but leaves behind the ring. Emma seeks to give it back to Snow, but instead is caught for helping Snow escape and locked up with the female captive from earlier.

We revisit Snow captured in the net by Charming, which is now interrupted by Hook saying his “Princess” has the ring Charming seeks, but she’s inside the Queen’s castle. Luckily, Snow knows it well and has Red help the men get inside, who are denied a dashing rescue of Emma when she’s able to free herself and mystery captive (Emma just can’t seem to let her go).

Snow tries to use the black fairy dust on the Evil Queen, but she stops it of course and instead decides to execute Snow that evening. So while Emma, Hook, Charming and Red go searching for Snow, they instead see Snow burned alive at the stake by Regina. Noooo! Or…

Emma is still alive, so Snow must be alive! But where? She’s the bug of course! Charming remembered what Snow told her about the black fairy dust and Blue is called to change her back to her human self. Emma’s happiness is confusing for Snow.

Emma and Hook ready to go back to the future and decide to take mystery woman with them since her family must believe she’s still dead. They end up knocking her out. Charming realizes Snow has taken her ring and headed across the troll bridge. The infamous time when Snow saves Charming’s life, but without the black fairy dust, they may need some help. But apparently trolls are dumb and just saying black fairy dust and holding sand works, too. Snow still saves Charming with no help from Emma and Hook. With that, Emma gets to see her parents fall in love and the book is back in order.

Emma and Hook return to Rumple to ask about the portal, but only the one who used it can open it. Rumple gives Emma the wand, but alas, no magic to wield. He transports the now trio to a weird place with weird things like an old urn Hook moves for no reason when Emma finally says aloud she has to stop running and really wants to go back to Storybrooke because that’s her home (You don’t have a home until you miss it said Neal in another life). That’s when her magic comes back and through the portal they go. But not before Rumple stops Emma to ask about the truth about his son. She tearfully tells him about their reunion and Bae’s ultimate death and then urges Rumple to take the memory erasing potion he’s made. He drinks it and lets her go. The aftermath of Rumple’s realization of where he is is quite hilarious.

So it’s back to Storybrooke faster than any other portal jumping we’ve seen before and like nothing has changed since we’re exactly where we left off. Emma returns to Granny’s and the baby celebration to hug her parents and decides that she’s not going to be leaving anytime soon because that’s where her family is. Emma’s finally in the fairytale book as Leia and the baby finally gets a name. In honor of someone who saved everyone one of them, he’s Prince Neal. Emma and Rumple are touched. Awww!

Upon learning Hook traded his Jolly Roger to get back to present day to Emma, Emma and Hook finally share a series of real kisses.

Elsewhere, Rumple and Belle get married in the Enchanted Forest, with Archie officiating.

Emma tells Regina that she brought back someone from the past who thinks Regina is the Evil Queen and while Regina’s open to making amends, we learn she’s Maid Marian. Yes, the one and only, wife to Robin Hood and mother to Roland. With that, Regina, visibly upset her fairytale love has ended, tells Emma that she hopes in hell she didn’t bring anything else back.

Cut to the urn Hook was playing with that somehow made it back to Storybrooke. It leaks some blue liquid to reveal a woman, who takes out off a glove and freezes something and walks out of the barn. Queen Elsa?

So while I totally think it’s too soon to explore Frozen characters, ABC confirmed the presence of the ice queen tonight. How will this change Storybrooke? Who will be cast as her? Will the story be anything like from the movie? And while we wait for season four, share your TwoCents about this development and the future of Emma and Regina’s sure to be rocky relationship going forward in the comments below!

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