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Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – New York City Serenade

photo: abc
photo: abc
Once Upon A Time
New York City Serenade

Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2014

Jules – Senior News Editor

Welcome back Oncers! It’s been a long three months since we last left our favorite fairytale characters with the promise that “Wicked is Coming.” Indeed it is and this episode sets us up for the latest evil and the next arc in the show.

Last we left, Emma and Henry escaped the impending curse Peter Pan released to obliterate Storybrooke. One year later, Emma and Henry are happy and healthy in New York until Hook shows up saying Emma’s parents are in trouble. So..what happened in that year? Where did our fairytale characters end up? We find that out and more in the spring premiere.

In Fairytale a year ago, Philip and Aurora are rendezvousing when they are interrupted by purple smoke and soon Snow and team appear, even Red! Apparently groups from Storybrooke are popping up throughout the land. Philip and Aurora fill them in on what they’ve missed. Snow hopes Regina will return with all of them back to their castle and show up on a united front and Regina reluctantly agrees. As the group leaves, Aurora tells Philip that they have to tell “her” or risk “her” taking it out on them and their unborn baby.

They all head out, but Hook decides to ride out on his own as he hopes to find the Jolly Roger, which the Charmings aren’t too happy about. Hook’s reiterates to them that he is and will always been a pirate. Neal wants to visit his dad’s place, but Snow and Charming remind him that the curse was a complete reset and that they won’t be able to jump portals anymore. Belle thinks they can get Rumple back since they never saw his dagger when he disappeared.

On their way to the castle, Snow is alerted that Regina is missing. She’s in the woods burying her heart so she won’t be able to feel the loss she’s just had. Snow reminds Regina that she owes it to Henry leave her heart alive and open to what he’s always wanted for her: happiness. And with that Regina picks up her heart and returns it to where it belongs. As they leave, there’s a rustling in the bushes and are soon attacked by a flying monkey and almost taken away, but saved by Robin Hood and his merry men. Regina’s not impressed, but he’s supposed to be your true love! Robin knows about the Evil Queen, but Snow’s “He’s kinda cute remark” may spark something, but Regina quips he smells of forest.

They reach the boundary of Regina’s protection spell, but it seems someone has overtaken it and is now impenetrable. Regina’s determined to find out who did it.

In New York, Emma goes on a dinner date with beau Walsh (Chris Gorham). During dinner, Hook shows up to again jog her memory saying that everything she believes is wrong. Hook gives her an address to go to and learn who she is and about her parents. We learn that Emma’s memories of a year ago is that she was in Boston when her apartment was destroyed in a fire and they moved to NYC to start a new life. Hook soon leaves and Walsh returns and proposes! It’s been eight months and while Emma loves him, she asks him for some time to think about it. Emma returns home and Henry saw the writing on the wall about the proposal and tells his mom that maybe she should say yes.

The next day, Emma heads to the address, which turns out to be Neal’s apartment. Emma quickly makes the realization and then can’t believe it when she sees a camera with the strap reading “Henry.” How’s this possible if Neal never knew about Henry or ever met him? Emma heads to Central Park to meet up with Hook, where he sounds like a maniac talking about fantastical lands and then hands Emma a blue potion to drink to get her missing memories back. “Drink the thing the crazy guy just offered me? No thank you.” And with that, Emma gets Hook arrested on assaulting her the previous evening and leaves.

Later, after discussing the possibility of accepting Walsh’s proposal with Henry, Emma looks at pictures from the camera and is shocked by what she sees: her and Henry in Storybrooke. Emma springs Hook from jail and realizes that she has to know what she’s missing and soon drinks the potion. A quick montage of all that’s happened the past three seasons appears and the Emma we know is back!

Hook catches Emma up on what happened in the Enchanted Forest, saying he returned to find her when he got word there was a new curse and that the only hope was Emma. Walsh soon arrives and Emma takes him to the roof and tells him she can’t marry him and that she has to go home to take care of things. Walsh can’t seem to understand it and wants her to stay, but Emma can’t. He then says, “I wish you hadn’t drank that potion.” How does it know about the potion? Because he’s a flying monkey! Yes, he attacks Emma, but she’s a fighter and with a pipe, pushes him off the roof down to the ground below where he disappears with a poof.

The next morning, Killian arrives and he, Emma (donning her trusty red jacket) and Henry make their way to Storybooke on the pretense of Hook as a new client with a new case. With Henry asleep in the car, Emma goes to find her parents, who are happy to see her. Yes, they know who she is and that the last year’s memories have been wiped away. The last thing they remember is saying bye to Emmy and Henry. But how do they know it’s been a year? Because Snow is pregnant! So who would release this curse. I think we know…

And finally, in the closing moments the Wicked Witch appears. She’s green, asking a monkey if he got what she needed: the queen’s blood. With that, the Witch mixes the blood and says, “Now I shall get my revenge…The queen may be evil, but I’m wicked. And wicked always wins.”

So the whole build up to the Wicked Witch and I was hoping that we’d see more of her in the first episode back, but alas, we have to save some for the rest of the season I suppose. I, for one, was not expecting Walsh to be a flying monkey! That came out of nowhere! It’s nice to be surprised once in awhile. And with Storybrooke being back and another curse. Work of the Wicked? But why? And why need Regina’s blood? Henry in a dark is sad. There’s my TwoCents, remember to share your TwoCents on the episode below!

Next week: Witch Hunt

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