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True Blood – Recap & Review – Jesus Gonna Be Here

photo: hbo
photo: hbo
True Blood
Jesus Gonna Be Here

Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2014

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

The final season of True Blood began where the last season left off. Sam and Bill have organized a party at Bellefleur’s (the old Merlotte’s) to pair healthy vamps with humans to exchange protection for untainted blood.

Then everything goes to hell as the HV infected vamps walk zombie like into the party and start feasting on humans and killing vamps. Here are a few good moments from the season premiere.

Moment No. 1: Tara, who just accepted her mother’s offer of blood, fulfilled her promise to protect her formerly neglectful mom. But then Mommy Dearest is found wailing that Tara is dead, as in the true death. Worst of all, it happened off screen. It didn’t feel real. But it sends many people, such as her cousin Lafayette and best friend Sookie, reeling. People are realizing that they may not live through this.

Moment No. 2: Several key characters are missing after the attack. Holly, the very pregnant Noelle and Arlene are missing. Alcide and Sam change to track the missing, but don’t have any success. We learn later that they are being held in the infamous basement of Fangtasia in irons.

Moment No. 3: Everyone thought that Sookie was to blame because she brought vamps to Bon Temps (which isn’t true) and she knows it – the curse of the mind reader. In a later church meeting, after Tara’s mother rejects her comfort, she admits that she was partially to blame. But she was the one who knew the most about vamps and so they need her.

Moment No. 4: The moment that Violet predicted finally comes. After being confronted by a vigilante group of humans, Jason breaks down and begs her for sex. And on his police car trunk hood, they do it. Oh my! It’s been a while since we’ve see Jason naked.

Moment No. 5: Bill and Andy find a nest of infected vamps, but the vigilante group confronts them. Andy protects Bill, who was ready to sacrifice himself, but later Andy says nothing is forgiven between them. Too bad. They made a great team. Maybe a spin off?

Moment 6: Jessica tries to protect Adilyn, Andy’s half fairy daughter (last season, Jessica drained three of her sisters). The two talk when Adilyn opens a window and they become friends. But then an infected vamp comes to attack the half fairy and Jessica is willing to fry as the sun is coming up. At the last moment, Adilyn invites her in. Jessica almost bites her, but restrains herself at the last moment. The infected vamp goes up in flames as the dawn sun comes up.

Moment 7: Pam is in Morroco, trying to find out where Eric is. She plays Russian roulette with another vamp (the big washtubs they stand in are explained when he loses and becomes a pile of goo). She refuses to feast on a small child, but finally gets a cryptic map. Will she find her maker or is he toasty vamp fritters on that snowy mountain?

Can the humans team up with uninfected vamps to save Bon Temps? That will be the big question of season.

Were you stunned by Tara’s demise? Where you shocked that Sookie and Alcide are still together? Who will be the next major character to kick the washtub? Give us your TwoCents…

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