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True Blood – Recap & Review – Lost Causes

photo: hbo
photo: hbo
True Blood
Lost Causes

Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2014

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

When life hands you murders, rabid vamps and a war, what do you do? In Bon Temps, they throw a party.

Here are a few of the most memorable moments.

Moment No. 1: Willa has information about how to find Sarah Newlin, but she won’t divulge unless Eric releases her. He agrees and Willa spills that Sarah has a sister, Amber, who is vamp and her parents are in Dallas for a Republican shindig.

Moment No. 2: Ginger wants to go or finally have sex with Eric. Talk about frustration. When she gets neither, she — of course — screams as Eric’s coffin is loaded onto the van.

Moment No. 3: Sookie comes home to her empty home, until Lafayette and James arrive. While she sleeps, they set up a party with most of the surviving residents. At first, it seems odd, but sometimes getting drunk is the best way to deal with loss — according to Arlene. But some of the celebrating goes wrong. So very wrong.

Moment No. 4: Lettie May drugs her hubby so she can go to the party, then stabs Willa to get her blood. Willa is fine, but the party-goers are mad at how she killed their buzz.

Moment No. 5: A lot of relationships take a turn. In two awww-inspiring moments, Andy not only forgives Jessica, but then proposes to Holly. Awww…

Moment No. 6: James is frustrated by Jessica, who only gives him enough to keep coming back. So he and Lafayette kiss, then have sex. Don’t you know that Jessica catches them.

Moment No. 7: Jason comforts Jessica, and it’s so obvious that they’ll end up humping as well. Lucy hears them (of course she does!), but walks away, which is much scarier than if she burst in the door.

Moment No. 8: Sarah surprises her mother in the ladies room, begging for her help. As we saw last week, she’s being targeted by the Acusa. The bad guys burst into the gala and kill everyone in sight, including her parents (I guess she’s no longer the favorite). Eric almost kills her when the Acusa approach them, so Eric (who is now stage two) attacks them instead.

Moment No. 9: Bill is being a party pooper, standing in a corner or outside with nary a smile on his face. He’s really having a series of flashbacks about the beginning of the Civil War, that slow down the action and never add up to much. In the final moment, he steps out of the tub (the tub she soaked in with Sookie in season one) and discovers… yikes… he’s infected.

Did you catch the hints of romance between Sookie and Bill? Will Eric end up saving Sarah after all? Is Jason going to survive the season? Give us your TwoCents…

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