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TTC Weekly Picks Mar 28 – Apr 3

ttc staff picks
March 28 – April 3
Liz – Staff Writer

Every week, the staff at TheTwoCents will be posting their top picks for viewing. They won’t always be the top shows of the week, but the programs that each writer is most looking forward to checking out that week.
So, set your DVRs, watch, and then come back here to discuss how the picks worked out for you.

#1 Tuesday, March 29 – 8/7 c – The Biggest Loser

One of the few reality shows that I like to watch. I’m rather cynical about it, as more and more game play gets introduced, but still I cannot look away. Still, there is something hilarious and marvelously fulfilling about watching someone else get yelled at. And watching Bob. I love me some Bob.

#2 Thursday, March 31 – 8/7 c – Grey’s Anatomy

Our last episode before a hiatus, it is also the musical event that we’ve been waiting for! Well, I’ve been waiting for. While it won’t be a musical episode on the level of Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling,” we have been told Sara Ramirez (a Tony winner) will be lending her vocals to the evenings’s entertainment, and that it will also include music that has been featured on the show before. As any fan knows, the music on this show is used to great effect and is just as important as any other design element. So for that reason, I’m excited.

#3 Thursday, March 31 – 10/9 c – The Mentalist

The Mentalist returns! We’re coming into the end of the season, and this season has only upped the ante. More enemies, more crazy eyes, more moral dilemmas, more violence — to say that it’s all been very exciting is an understatement.

#4 Friday, April 1 – 8/7 c – Who Do You Think You Are?

I will readily admit that I love me some geneaology. Celebrity geneaology is just extra fun. To be honest I would watch this show if they picked out regular Joes and Janes to do the show, but I expect if they did that the viewership would not be nearly as wide. Gwyneth Paltrow features on this episode, and I would think that she would get way more viewers than, say, I would.

#5 Sunday, April 3 – 9/8 c – Desperate Housewives

Man I don’t know what they put on the water in Wisteria Lane, but it is giving me one great season of guilty pleasure television. Last I remember, Beth Young had shot herself in the hospital’s emergency room — which, if you’re going to do that there are worse places, but I had the, “Really? Really?” moment and I have to admit, I’m still sort of verklempt.

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