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Two And A Half Men – Recap & Review – Big Girls Don’t Throw Dog Food

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Two and a Half Men
Big Girls Don’t Throw Dog Food

Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2011

FK – Sr. Editor

Sometimes I wonder if Two and a Half Men isn’t a stepping stone for an actor’s life to become a tabloid cover. First there was Charlie Sheen, then Jon Cryer’s divorce and stalker and now Ashton Kutcher’s possible divorce. But it also makes for great material for the show, so I suppose somewhere Chuck Lorre is smiling!

No matter what’s happening outside of Walden’s fictional Malibu Beach house, the cast is slowly finding its way. Remember that kid, Jake, whom everyone has seemed to forget? Well don’t fear! This week is all about Jake (and a bit about Walden and Alan…) when he gets some “words of wisdom” from Walden. Judith comes around too and, well, read on to see what made me go “COME ON!”

First, let’s start with the fact that Berta is LIVING in the beach house. She’s not only the maid but she’s now taken residence in Alan’s room. This makes for an interesting rooming situation when it’s time for Jake to come and stay for his weekend. (Side note: I find it hard to believe this awesome beach house only has three rooms, but I digress…) Walden takes a liking to Jake and says he can stay over so Alan and Jake bunk together (and after an argument over the air mattress, including a threat to go back to Evelyn’s, Alan winds up on the floor with the air mattress while Jake chills in the bed).

Jake discusses life with Walden. Walden says he “skipped” high school because he was too smart and Jake decides he’s in the same boat and decides he can drop out, too. It’s not quite the same thing but Jake is convinced he is too smart for school and can be the next Internet billionaire like Walden. No one is okay with this idea, especially his parents. Judith blames Alan and Walden.

The wonderful Judy Greer is still around as Walden’s soon-to-be-ex-wife. They go to dinner and we get a glimpse of just how childlike he really is and just how mothering she is to him. He gets in a food fight with a little girl and it’s pretty apparent these two will never reconcile. After his horrible date, Judith comes over to talk to Alan about Jake and she runs into Walden who is upset over Bridget. Judith, the faithful wife she is, gets down with Walden – as Jake records the two on his phone. Can we say blackmail? (We never see how far she goes with Walden, as they never leave the couch.) Later that night, Judith and Carl have apparent awesome sex, thanks to her moment with Walden.

So, we’ve got Jake wanting to drop out of school to be the next Walden, Berta living at the beach house, Jake and Alan sharing a room and Judith cheating on another husband. And somewhere out there, Alan still has a girlfriend! I’d like to see more of Walden growing up (like knowing when/how to cool down his own soup!) and considering the age difference between Walden and Alan, I think Alan could totally be the older brother figure he needs. I think the show is slowly finding its rhythm post-Charlie. It’s a different show (the new opening finally premiered tonight – it was horrible) with lots of potential.

What are your thoughts? Think Jake will successfully blackmail Judith or will the “smart” kid do something like delete the video? Text it to someone? Will Walden be able to grow up? Leave your two cents below!

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