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Two and a Half Men – Recap & Review – Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy

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Two and a Half Men
Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

First things first: there’s a new opening. No, the creepy music isn’t gone, but there is a new creepy transition from hippy Walden to clean-shaven Walden. Because seriously, the opening wasn’t bad enough before? Come on guys, get it together!

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Zoey’s ex. Although brief, we got a glimpse of how unpleasant he is. This week, we hear a little bit (very little) more about him while Lyndsey and Zoey are trapped inside the house during a storm. And Walden and Alan brave a sinkhole? Yes, it all happens…

Jake: is not around. Maybe he’s off in rehab. One could hope.

Girl Fight: Zoey and Lyndsey start fighting for no reason at all, other than Zoey thinks Lyndsey has no class and Lyndsey thinks Zoey is stuffy. Example:

Lyndsey: I am not a fan of fat people singing in a foreign language for two and a half hours.
Zoey: Well, Opera is not for everyone, to appreciate it requires a refined taste and certain amount of education.

It continues and the couples wind up trapped in the house when a storm forms a sinkhole in front of the mansion, canceling Zoey and Walden’s Valentine’s Day trip to Mexico. Lyndsey asks Alan to go to the store for some feminine products and Walden goes with him, since the women can’t stop fighting. While they’re gone, the women wind up bonding over a bottle of wine, their kids and their exes (Zoey calls hers what us Americans would refer to as a “total douche bag”). Meanwhile, Alan gets swept away by a mudslide and Walden is holding on to a tree in order to save the both of them.

This episode was neither here nor there for me. I enjoyed the banter between Zoey and Lyndsey but overall, I wasn’t impressed. The quotes from the women were pretty much the highlights for me, but that’s just my opinion. What about you? Leave your two cents below!

And just for the lovers out there, a Valentine’s Day poem, courtesy of Lyndsey:
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I am nice person,
And you can bite my pale, unrefined ass.

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