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Two and a Half Men – Recap & Review – The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack

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Two and a Half Men
The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2012

FK – Sr. Editor

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the gang of Two and a Half Men, and to be honest, I didn’t miss them much. When we left them last, Walden shaved his beard off (hellllllo, hot Ashton!), Alan was back with Lyndsey and, well, that was it.

Tonight, because we’re so interested, Zoe isn’t interested in “getting frisky” with Walden so he tries to use pot brownies to calm her down. This should over well.

The Bash Brothers: Jake and Eldridge think just because they might become brothers means they would be twins, because they look SO alike. Alan quickly tells him Lyndsey and he have decided they would only get married to have more children and since they don’t want to (more Jake and Eldridge’s in the world? NO!), it isn’t happening. Fhew.

Meet the daughter: Zoe doesn’t want Walden to meet her daughter, which is understandable. He goes to great lengths to avoid meeting her and Zoe is passionate about him not meeting her. Which is about the only thing she’s passionate about…

Do Brownies Make You Horny?: After overhearing Walden trying to get Zoe in the mood (or just get her to talk about sex at all), Berta offers up a batch of her special brownies to loosen Zoe up. Not only does it not work, it completely backfires and Zoe disappears (and we get yet another week of Jake and Eldridge high as kites..ugh). Zoe is paranoid and hungry … definitely not “in the mood.” Walden is just, well Walden with a side of Kelso! Eventually everyone comes off their high.

Meet the ex: We finally meet Zoe’s ex, a suited up Brit who is ditching out on plans with Zoe’s daughter, which seems to be a usual thing. It’s during this time Walden and Zoe’s daughter meet and bond. He’s surprisingly good with little Ava (“Queen Ava”), who is the cutest little thing. The three take a trip to the zoo and whether it’s the zoo or seeing him with her daughter, Zoe finally gets in the mood.

I’m glad we met Zoe’s ex and her daughter but the special brownies were useless, other than to show Jake and Eldridge high … again. Which is a whole other topic all together. I really enjoyed Walden with Ava (“Sir Schmidt, your loyal subject…”) but other than that, this episode was a total throwaway. But that’s just my opinion, what about yours? Leave your two cents below!

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