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Two Cents and Five Questions with Burgandy (Biggest Loser)

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Burgandy, Reality Contestant

Burgandy was eliminated from The Biggest Loser this week for one reason and one reason only. She had the unfortunate occurrence of tendonitis in her leg right before a challenge. It was her hard work to stay on campus that ended up costing her the game. I had a chance to talk to her on a conference call and she talked about how frustrating the show was and how she’s doing now.

The Two Cents: You had such a positive attitude despite being injured; was there one thing that happened at that ranch that really inspired you?

Burgandy: I think the other contestants truly were the people who were inspiring me the most. I would see them up at midnight on the treadmills working out just to make sure that they gave it 110% every day. So I would say the other contestants were the most inspiring.

TTC: Can you talk about how The Biggest Loser impacted your life and where you’re at now ?

Burgandy: I know for myself that the greatest thing that I’ve learned is to believe in myself and to not let – not set limitations. And so I’ve been really grateful that I’ve been able to still continue working out, inspire my community, inspire my family from the things that I learned there and with – that was just hard work and not giving up on myself.

TTC: You had a really rare opportunity to have dinner at Bob’s house. I’m wondering how that experience was and has it influenced you at all to consider going vegan?

Burgandy: Bob is so gracious, and we were so blessed to be able to go to his house this season. He’s never done this before. And when we saw the meal I couldn’t believe the colors and the rich smells and it was wonderful. And I – and it was so filling at the same time. But on the other hand, I don’t know if I’m ready to go vegan yet. Right now I’m just trying to eat whole foods every day. So probably not right now. But I just appreciated his generosity to have us come and have such a beautiful meal for us. It was delicious!

TTC: What surprised you the most between watching it on TV and actually being on campus?

Burgandy: I’ve been a little disappointed honestly that I’ve been left on the cutting room floor a little bit. You know, if you’re not moaning or groaning or crying, you usually didn’t get very much air time. So that was a little bit disappointing for me. But also I wish they would have shown more of the camaraderie between us as contestants and that was something I’ve been a little bit sad to not be able to relive is how much I care about these other people.

TTC:What is your best diet tip that you learned on the Biggest Loser?

Burgandy: My best diet tip would be to try to consume your carbohydrates in the morning or right before a really heavy workout because really carbohydrates are used to energize your body and if you’re not going to go hard and heavy at night, there’s really no need to eat them that late at night.

My Two Cents: I don’t feel that I got to know Burgandy very well. Perhaps it’s because she did end up on the cutting room floor. She wasn’t involved in any drama or anything like that. But I wish her well in the finale and in her life at home. She’s really paying it forward by helping her neighbors and friends exercise and eat more healthy.

I’ll see you all back here next Wednesday for a new episode of The Biggest Loser, Season 10. In the meantime, please leave your comments below or send me an email.

Anne – Associate Editor

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