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Two Cents and Five Questions With Elaine Stritch

stritch (w/ jack mcbrayer)
…Elaine Stritch, Actor

It’s Mothers Day on 30 Rock, which can only mean one thing: the return of Colleen Donaghy, played to hilarious perfection by Elaine Stritch.

We had a chance to talk with the Broadway veteran, where she shed some light on what it’s like to work with Alec Baldwin, and if she would ever want to host Saturday Night Live.

TheTwoCents: You’ve played wide variety of characters over the years. Do people expect you to resemble any of these characters when they stop you on the street?

Elaine Stritch: I don’t know what they expect when they stop me on the street. They think I’m insane. But they believe me. So maybe life is just insane. But they seem to think that I’m unusual, and I love that. And I’m dangerous. My favorite review of all time was Elaine Stritch is the most dangerous actress on Broadway.

TTC: What’s it like being Alec Baldwin’s mother?
ES: Well if I had my choice I would not – I wouldn’t mind working with Alec Baldwin, but the mother role – I’m kidding. It’s terrific.

He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with in whole life. And I’m not overdoing it. I just think he’s about the best around today. So I got lucky. I got lucky and I enjoy it thoroughly.

TTC: You’ve also done programs such as the Cosby Show, where you played Ms. McGee, which was a personal favorite of mine. What was that like?
ES: Oh I was very good on the Cosby Show. And I adored him. He’s very similar to how I feel about Alec Baldwin. Cosby is right up my alley. We get along great together in front of a camera. And I’d love to do a play with him. I think he’s a really smashing actor.

TTC: Do you find that there’s a difference between performing on a show such as the Cosby Show which had the live studio audience as opposed to 30 Rock, which doesn’t?
ES: If you’re an actor, you learn how to deal with these problems of not having the live audience as opposed to having the live audience.

You play your part. You focus. You try to concentrate and mean what you say and say what you mean. And the laughs will come, trust me. They will come. When you start trying to make people laugh you’re in big trouble.

TTC: Would you like to host Saturday Night Live?
ES: Well it would scare the out of me. But I dig challenges. I just did an evening at Sondheim, so I have a feeling I could do anything if I got through that, you know?

Don’t forget to watch Elaine and the rest of the Mom’s on 30 Rock tonight!

Jake G., Jr. Reporter

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