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TwoCents and Five Questions with Jane Seymour (Franklin & Bash)

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Jane Seymour, Actor

Jane Seymour is no stranger to viewers of the small screen variety. For six seasons she rocked it and won a Golden Globe for her starring role on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She has also won a second Golden Globe and an Emmy for her roles on television movies. She has also guest starred in many major motion pictures as well. Tonight, she is guest starring on the TNT dramedy Franklin & Bash as Peter Bash’s (Mark-Paul Gossalaar) mother. She was happy to share some of her stories with us on a recent conference call.

TheTwoCents: Your character, Colleen, is being described as an earth mom and obviously Peter is kind of a laid back guy, and he’s the one that always gets naked at the parties, so when we meet Colleen, are we going to suddenly understand where Peter gets this from, or is she even more out there to the point where they clash?

Jane Seymour: She’s really out there. Clearly I think he’s fond of her, but she’s out there. She’ll end up coming onto Damien and it’s a very funny sequence where I’m actually in his office trying to get him to help me with my real estate issue. I come in with a real estate issue. I have decided to sell the family home that Peter had grown up in, and then I had buyer’s remorse immediately. And of course, he’s a lawyer, so I come in and I say, help me, help me, I’ve got to get this back. And then he sort of is reticent about it. I – now I’m homeless and now I have to go and live with him, which is embarrassing and curtails his romantic possibilities, and I am completely over the top. I am a sort of hippie, earth-mothery, very – gosh, I mean I’m totally seductive of everyone, of Franklin, of Damien, of everybody, and you know, end up sitting in the office discussing real estate but doing my Kegels at the same time and insisting that Damien does too. ​It’s really over the top. It’s sort of Wedding Crashers plus, really.

TTC: What was it about this kind of offbeat personality that made you want to take the role and join this wacky group?
JS: Well, at first I think I’m a great fan of the show. I think it’s a terrific show, and I love the repartee. I love the way the two of them are together, and I thought this would be a really fun character. I mean, it’s a woman with no boundaries who’s way too old to be doing some of the stuff she’s doing, but she’s charmingly ignorant of the whole thing. I mean, she just thinks it’s all perfectly normal and natural.

TTC: And do they it open for you to come back later this season?
JS: Absolutely, yes. They, when they offered me the role, they said that they were definitely interested in the possibility of me being a recurring role at some point at that point it was – when I shot that it was near the end of their season I think. Well, I’m not sure. They just didn’t find a way to bring me into the next couple of episodes, but they’ve left it open as a possibility, yes.

TTC: What was it like working with the cast? They seem to be a cast that would have a lot of fun. I was just curious how was the dynamic.
JS: Yes, it is a lot of fun, and that’s why I loved being there, and they asked me, you know, maybe to come back and do more, which I would be very happy to do. I had the best time working with them. They’re really talented, everybody there. Tim Busfield who of course is wonderful himself, directed that episode, and it was a lot of freedom to really improvise and take what they’d written and then go and take it to another level. And that was really fun for me because most shows I’ve been on they never allow you to do that. ​So this was great. So I think that’s one of the reasons why Franklin and Bash has a special kind of edge to it. It’s really well written, but then the characters can sort of take off and kind of make it very improv kind of feeling.

TTC: Were there any fun anecdotes to share, any sort of fun things that happened while you were on set?
JS: Well there was a crazy scene which I think they’ve cut out now where I was naked in a hot tub, and I got out. I scanned through – I think they’ve cut that piece out. I was a little concerned about that one. But the character’s pretty out there, and I was encouraged to improvise and I definitely had a lot of fun doing that. And you know, I think after that happened they asked me if I would consider coming back and doing some more at that point. So I would. I just had a lot of fun with these people. I think they’re a very talented, great writing team. You know, they have great directors. The actors are all fantastic. It was a very loose and easy, you know? When you’re surrounded by people who are very talented and it’s good material, it’s like a great vacation.

Franklin & Bash airs Tuesdays at 10PM ET on TNT!! Don’t miss Jane’s appearance tonight, June 12!!

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