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Our TwoCents: Fall First Impressions

With Upfronts done, it’s time to take a look at all of the trailers for the new fall and (in some cases) midseason shows coming our way for the 2017-2018 season. From Dynasty to The Gospel of Kevin, TwoCentsTV editors KP, Jules, and Brianna note their first impressions based on the trailers with more on some of the shows in the fall. 

Up first: ABC! 


Jules: Intrigued by The Gospel of Kevin and Splitting Up Together. I feel there are too many shows like The Good Doctor.

Brianna: Agreed on the doctor shows. I think there’s one on almost every network now.

Brianna: [I] liked The Mayor. Iffy on The Gospel of Kevin because I liked Cristela Alonzo the most in the trailer but she’s being recast.

Jules: Oh yeah, forgot about the recast on Gospel. I’m still intrigued, but interested to see how that pans out with recast.

Brianna: Yeah. It gave me a Joan of Arcadia vibe.

Jules: I liked the trailer for The Mayor, but it’s not a show for me.

Jules: The Gospal show? re: Joan?

KP: YES! I totally heard Joan of Arcadia in that show. But the humor was great and Jason Ritter is always fun to watch.

Brianna: Jason Ritter was actually on Joan of Arcadia so that made the vibe stronger.

Jules: Yeah, I did get that same vibe. I loved Jason on Joan of Arcadia.

KP: Splitting Up Together – LOVE Jenna Fischer – this role feels really right for her. I’m going to have a hard time getting past Jeff Fordham though.

Jules: I had the same feeling watching Splitting Up Together trailer…why does it have to be him?

Brianna: Oliver Hudson and sitcoms have worked for him in the past (Rules of Engagement). I didn’t go through that (not a Nashville fan) but I can understand where you guys are coming from. Haha! 

KP: I think the Mayor could be great. Looks like an amazing role for our friend Yvette Nicole Brown

Brianna: Yep. I like the premise and the cast looks funny with a mix of heart. The Good Doctor was a pass for me but midseason show The Crossing looked like a 4400/The Returned type of situation. Intrigued.

Jules: Yeah The Mayor trailer looked really good and excited to see Yvette Nicole Brown back on a series. Deception was also a pass for me.

KP: I can’t take Deception

Brianna: Yeah. That was a pass for me as well.

KP: How many “strange powers guys helping the fed/lawyers’ shows do we need? Mentalist, Bull, Limitless, Castle, Bones, Chuck, on and on and on….

Jules: For the People I haven’t watched!

KP: It’s House in a courtroom. All the new lawyers trying to prove themselves. But Anna Deavere Smith is always a powerhouse performance.

Brianna: For The People was fine. Will fit in with the Shondaland brand nicely.

KP: Alex Inc – Zack Braff just always sounds like a cartoon character to me.

Brianna: Alex Inc. was…not for me.

KP: He’ll carry it for a bit but I think his supporting cast may need a bit more muscle. So, for me – my favorites coming out of ABC this Fall will be Splitting Up Together, Gospel of Kevin and The Mayor.

Brianna: I feel like I’m looking for something next season that I’m not finding. With the exception of The Mayor and (provisionally) The Gospel of Kevin, I’m not seeing it.

Jules: ABC for me will be Splitting Up Together and The Gospel of Kevin.  The Mayor has potential, just not for me. Everything else was just bleh and not for me. I’m definitely looking for “it” and really none had yet…but there’s potential.

Brianna: I found that feeling among A LOT of the trailers across all networks.


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