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Our TwoCents: Fall First Impressions


KP: 9KJL. To me – this show has an AMAZINGLY loaded cast. When David Walton is a sidekick and not the lead – that shows you how good that cast is. But from the trailer, I hope for better writing! Elliott Gould and Linda Lavin are TV Royalty. Mark Feuerstein is great too! And Albert Tsai will be hilarious

Brianna: The cast looks great but the show itself was not for me.

Jules: Didn’t like 9KJL – great cast, but yea, needs better writing. just felt like a lot of their other comedies.

Brianna: I’ll give them this…it felt very on brand for CBS

KP: True

Jules: Definitely.

KP: Speaking of fitting in with its comedy style…Me, Myself and I. Bobby Moynihan leaving SNL for it. John Larroquette (another TV legend).

Jules: I like Moynihan, but it’s a really high concept series.

KP: They are trying a bit of the This Is Us model

Jules: The trailer gave away a lot I think, and I think people will get lost. Maybe for a drama, but not a comedy.

KP: Sharon Lawrence, Jaleel White – flashbacks to TV favorites, too.

Brianna: I think it’s a This Is Us format with an attempt at a Goldbergs feel.

KP: Totally agree with the Goldbergs thing.

KP: Young Sheldon….I think this show COULD get very very annoying. However, casting Zoe Perry as the mom is genius! (daughter of Lauie Metcalf who plays Sheldon’s mom in BBT). They sound totally alike.

Brianna: That’s what I was gonna say. But, this is also a pass for me.

Jules: If it was a stand alone show maybe it would be OK, but since it’s not, a pass. I like the casting though. SWAT or Seal Team?

KP: I didn’t watch Seal Team.

Jules: Wisdom felt like Pure Genius or some other show.

Brianna: Someone described Wisdom of the Crowd as APB and Pure Genius together. I definitely agree.

Jules: but none of those dramas I was interested in.

Brianna: Yeah and none survived the season.

KP: I miss Pure  Genius

Jules: SWAT – like all the other detective, law shows with a bigger message.

KP: I didn’t bother with Navy Seal – been there, done that. SWAT was ok – but the movie with Samuel L is better

Jules: Seal Team  – can’t believe Boreanaz wanted to do another series right after Bones.

Brianna: Is SWAT using the same characters as the movie?

KP: Yeah, but different characterizations.

Brianna: Gotcha.

Jules: Yeah. SWAT and Seal Team are not my speed. So basically, CBS was a pass for me, but that’s not anything new.

Brianna: Yeah, I’m not a CBS person and that’s okay. I feel that his Seal Team character has an aspect of Booth in it and this feels like Valor and The Brave’s trailer.

Jules: All shows that sounded the same to me at some point this week. To be honest, no trailer had an “it” factor for me like This is Us did last year.

Brianna: Black Lightning, The Mayor were it for me. There was a FOX show I was on the fence about, too.

KP: Agreed, I didn’t leave wanting to watch anything from the new trailers. Except Roseanne (not really a trailer – more a sizzle of their past show but I loved that show)!

Jules: I never watched it (Roseanne).


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