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Our TwoCents: Fall First Impressions


Brianna: Dynasty was surprisingly a pass for me, despite the Gossip Girl eps behind it. Valor was kinda iffy but again sounds like every other military drama.

KP: I watched Black Lightning and that’s it. The others didn’t even make me want to click play

Brianna: Life Sentence has the midseason potential to be adorable and offer that kind of light drama/comedy that they used to have with Hart of Dixie.

Jules: Dynasty – can’t believe I watched the whole thing, but definitely a pass. Black Lightning was really cool! Life Sentence may work on CW if it’s paired right, definitely felt some Hart of Dixie in there.

Brianna: Yeah. Would pair well with CXGF or Jane

Jules: Black Lightning I did like the trailer. I would watch more Black Lightening, but I can only take so many superhero shows

Brianna: I liked that it looks we’ll be getting the story of a hero at a different point in his life than the inception of his alter-ego. That’s why they’re holding off until midseason. We’re getting 4 superhero shows at a time.

Jules: Yeah, that’s what I liked about it and the next generation thing too. Yes! Loved that his daughters get in on it, too.

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