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My TwoCents: Miranda Bailey Should Not Be The Next Chief Of Surgery On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Miranda BaileyGrey’s Anatomy is a veteran drama in the midst of serious change. Towards the end of the season original cast member Patrick Dempsey exited the series and the two hour episode following his exit followed the year after his character’s death. We saw how all the character dealt with the loss, some made professional while others examined their personal lives. Owen for instance realized he no longer wanted to be Chief of Surgery and while Richard took over for some time he doesn’t plan to do the job permanently. He has made his feelings clear and he wants Dr. Bailey to get the job. The season ends with Catherine Avery and Richard making a deal to pit Bailey against a doctor of Dr. Avery’s choosing. One thing though…I’m hoping Dr. Bailey loses the competition for Chief.

Chief of Surgery on Grey’s Anatomy has always been filled by someone from the team. Weber was the Chief then had a competition that ended with him keeping the position. Derek did a stint as Chief, which of course ended in gunfire. Since then the position has bounced between Weber and Owen quite a few times. The one thing all of them have in common is they either developed or agreed with the philosophy and culture of the hospital.

What the series needs is someone who has an adversarial relationship with the doctors of Grey Sloan. From a storytelling standpoint it is a compelling change, but if you think about the events of the past seasons it simply makes sense. They have ruined a clinical trial, cut a LVAD wire and given a patient treatment without their knowledge. The truth is a new perspective just make sense, but that doesn’t always matter on television. Then you have the pile of romantic relationships and the fact a group of them run the hospital. If this group could use one thing, it’s someone with a new perspective.

Miranda Bailey may be a strong person and a gifted surgeon, but her character’s arc over the course of the series crosses her off the list of capable adversaries. First and foremost, she is student of Dr. Weber and that means she would keep his philosophy. Dr. Bailey has recently become a member of the board running the hospital, so another promotion this soon isn’t really necessary. Making her Chief might change the dynamic between her and several characters, but it’s simply the less interesting choice.

The next Chief should be a new female character. Having Miranda take over as Chief is important  because we’ve only seen men in the role. Richard, Derek and Owen are great, but after 11 seasons it is definitely time for a change. Also if you consider the person Catherine Avery chooses will take the job, there is a high chance her pick will also be a woman. It is extremely important a woman should take over from Weber now that Owen does not want the job, I just don’t think it should be Dr. Bailey.

Grey’s Anatomy is going through some big changes going into its 12th Season. Original character Derek Shepard is the latest character to leave the series. We have seen numerous characters exit the series, whether they dead or just quit, and Shepard’s exit caused the veteran medical drama to shake things up. One hanging thread is the Chief of Surgery position being open and while Weber wants Bailey, a new character just be the better option.


  • Susie Solano

    I just recently rewatched greys from the beginning and realized i never liked miranda bailey at all she has always acted as if she were better than everyone else. Entitle and judgemental from the point where she caught mer/der fooling around in his car and made mers life miserable. Assuming she was using derick to get ahead. Then christina/ burke deciding she was going to punish christina bcuz SHE felt wronged .by not being allowed in on burkes surgery. She was actually insulted and shocked that callie was named chief resident as if SHE were the only one capable of doing the job. She made a comment about how great a teacher she was that her interns never operated on eachother ect…. lets not forget izzy and lvad wires. she acted all high and mighty about other people having sex at work then lo and behold we get bcb (booty call bailey). Then mer messed with clinical trial and bailey treated her like shit for breaking the rules. Then after the parents withdrew consent injected a child with hiv virus in all reality that is a felony its considered assault and she should have lost her job,license, and her freedom for doing that. Infecting those patients with mercer and blaming the intern .then getting upset with everyone for the investigation when it turned out to be her fault. And last in the real world she would never have gotten on the board at the hospital christina left her shares and her seat to alex. All of the board members owned shares in the hospital. It was christinas seat to giveto whonever she chose. The worst part of that was the look on her face when she thought alex won the vote like she was hurt and shocked HOW DARE THEY lol.Same with the race for chief she felt she had no competition until she met the woman and then you seen the fear all over her face. Sge even knew she didnt deserve it. Now shes chief and on the board another real world impossibility shes her own boss whaaaaaat????? Conflict of interests there. I woukd not be sad in the least if bailey left and never came back. RANT OVER

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