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My TwoCents: Why Pitch Needs a Season Two

The midseason hiatus is over and while we see the return of certain shows and premieres of new series, there are some that have finished up for the season. One of those shows has yet to have their fate decided by the network. That series? Pitch.

Pitch’s finale left fans with more than a few stories up in the air, from Blip and Evelyn’s argument about children to Amelia’s leaving. The biggest story of all was Ginny’s pursuit of a no-hitter and her arm giving out on her, with the last we see of Ginny this season is the pitcher going into a CT scanner.

With no news of a renewal yet, it was rough seeing these characters go through what they went through in the finale as I was left with questions about where they’ll be headed in season two.

The show set up quite a few interesting arcs for this group of characters that has endeared a devoted group of viewers. There are so many reasons why Pitch needs a second season (I wrote earlier about why people should be watching which are valid reasons to catch up as well!) and the questions about where these characters go next is just one of those reasons. Here are just a few more:

Ginny’s Road to Recovery

Because Pitch is about Ginny’s journey and her time as a player in Major League Baseball, we know that her injury won’t be career-ending (and get as much confirmation from the showrunners). There is still the matter of her diagnosis, treatment, and the road to recovery. It would be fantastic to see how she meets every obstacle and how she deals with physical therapy and if she bounces back by spring training, especially seeing what her future with the Padres would look like.

Ginny’s also no longer a rookie and that is sure to change things, especially with her injury. Will she be more confident about her abilities once she bounces back or will she feel like she’s competing with the new rookies for her spot on the team?

So Many Possible Baseball Stories to Tell on Pitch

There are so many aspects of baseball that could produce a compelling hour of television. In Pitch’s first season we got to see the drama behind the trade deadline, an hour that had some fun with a rain delay, Mike’s situation with waiving his no-trade clause and seeing the Cubs trade fall through after seeing the emotion behind potentially playing his last game as a Padre, and of course the story behind Ginny’s injury. Those were some solid episodes that not only added another layer to each character’s story but also added something to the baseball aspect of the series.

I was excited about the prospect of a baseball drama like this because as a baseball fan, there are so many things that happen during the season and off-season that can be entertaining for fans of the sport while also engaging for non-fans by having these cast of characters go through these things, characters that we’ve come to be invested in over the show’s first season.

What Happens to Blip and Evelyn?

After their argument about Evelyn’s plan to open the restaurant without Will and put her and Blip’s plans to have more kids on hold, seeing where this couple –who were the epitome of relationship goals for the better part of season –at the beginning of a season two would be interesting. After Blip’s less than happy reaction, did they make up? Is there couple’s therapy in their future?

How about Evelyn’s business plans? Did she get to see it through? Does Blip get with the program and support his wife’s plans?

These are questions I absolutely need answered.

Amelia’s Return

When we last saw Amelia, she was boarding a plane after her fight with Ginny. But, Amelia can’t be gone forever, can she? There is plenty of story there as we see the pair try to repair their relationship once she gets back.

Who will be the first to apologize? What will their rocky relationship look like once they start building it up again? Or will we see another publicist/agent in her place? Will Eliot take her place?

Mike’s Time as a Baseball Player

One of the things we learned about Mike Lawson this season was that he’s already contemplated career alternatives for when baseball no longer becomes plausible for him. It’d be interesting to see if he continues considering alternatives in season two along with his attempt at trying to mend faces with his fellow teammates after the Chicago trade fell through.

And on top of these questions and stories I’d like to see, there’s seeing what the writers do with the Mike/Rachel, Ginny/Noah, Mike/Ginny relationships. It was fun seeing the buildup and it had me curious about where it goes (since Pitch was only in its first season) from there.

There are a host of other reasons about why there should be a second season of Pitch but these were just a few and they, of course, all had to do with the stories left up in the air. These characters have just started their stories and it would be a shame not to explore where these stories lead.

Why do you want to see a season two? What are some things you would want to see?

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