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TwoCentsTV Fall Wish List: ‘Arrow’

It’s that time of year again! Hiatus is winding down and fall premiere dates are drawing near. So, what better way to count down the final weeks until premieres than to discuss our hopes for the upcoming season. Arrow will be heading into its fifth season and from the trailers and interviews, fans have an idea of what to expect –new vigilantes in training, Bratva flashbacks, OTA in turmoil.

Here are some of my wishes about what I would like to see in season five.

Flashbacks that leave an impression. With Bratva becoming the focus this season in the flashbacks, I am hopeful that we’ll be getting strong moments that won’t make you a little frustrated that we had to leave the present action to go back. It’s the flashbacks many have been waiting for, so it’s one of the aspects I’m looking forward to and hope the waiting pays off.

More (substantial) emotional development and resolution that we can see on screen. I know that there are some things everyone on the team will be working with. From the interviews, I am (again) hopeful that bodes well in terms of seeing that development from the characters, working through those moments on screen and not having to read about it in a post-mortem or assume it was an off-screen moment. I know some may argue it’s a comic book show but these decisions and moment essentially inform the direction these characters are heading in and add more to each of them.

Give Thea a break. She’s had a very rough few seasons, from finding out her biological father was a mad man to Ra’s almost killing her to her dealing with the after-effects of the Lazarus Pit. It would be great to see how she’s managing and processing all of what’s happened to her and to see her gain some more agency in her life. Also, no evil boyfriends please. (Can they also bring Roy back?)

Growth for Diggle. Though it was sad to see Diggle re-enlist and leave not only Lyla and baby Sara behind but the team behind, I can see a great opportunity to showcase some of his growth in season five. I hope that we’ll get to see Digg work through the guilt of what happened with Andy and see how he finds his way back to his family and the team.

Growth for Felicity. Felicity was thrown into a terrible situation at the end of last season with Monument Point and Havenrock and I really hope that we get to see the effect that difficult situation had on Felicity. Of course, many interviews indicate we might see her actually work through it in the first half of the season, so I’m staying hopeful. I also hope to see her work towards either coming back to Palmer Tech or perhaps going out on her own…Smoak Technologies, perhaps?

Oliver as Mayor – Not just for a few episodes. This is something Oliver spent most of last season working towards. I understand that because of the space we find the team in, Oliver won’t be in the right place to be good at the job, but it would be really awesome to see him excel at something’s he’s worked for (that isn’t being the Green Arrow).

Oliver and Felicity reuniting with some growth in that relationship. Seeing as we don’t know much about this aspect of Arrow for season five, my hope is that while they further stabilize the foundation in their friendship, they find a way back to each other and work through the issues they have on their own, together. Not asking for a wedding or a magical reconciliation at the beginning of the season. Just a sustainable relationship foundation and growth without any, ahem, uncharacteristic twists to keep them apart.

Don’t let Flashpoint take away the growth the characters have earned over the seasons. I know it’s only for a few episodes but seriously hoping that the effects don’t undo plot points for the show.

Give the new characters some solid stories. Don’t let them fade (like Wildcat) and don’t let them be relegated to just love interests. Make them characters that viewers will take a genuine interest in if they are planning on keeping them around for a while.

A fun and very Arrow-y 100th episode. It’s unfortunate that the milestone episode is in the middle of the four-night crossover. My hope is that however they involve the other shows, they still find a way to make it a tribute to the flagship show.

Arrow returns Wednesday, October 5 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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